Monday, November 2, 2015



The temple trip is tomorrow!! We get to go to the temple, the sacred grove and log home, the whitmer farm where the church was organized, the Grandin press, the Hill Cumorah, and the grave of Alvin Smith. So it will be a fun busy day seeing all of those church history sites. But anyways, the work just keeps on going up here in beautiful upstate New York. I can't believe how quickly it's gone by. I have really enjoyed my time up here and am going to do my best to finish strong these last few days. Anyways, the Seeley's are doing alright, we hope. They didn't make it to stake conference this week, and we got a text from Sharleen saying that the two girls feel "they aren't ready for baptism yet." So they won't get baptized this upcoming Saturday, but I'm sure they will. We are going to go see them Wednesday and just talk and listen to them to figure everything out. We should set them with a new baptismal date this week though. They both did well when we went over the baptismal interview questions with them this week, so they might just have been scared about the actual interview or something. I'm not sure, but I hope they are doing alright and will keep working towards making that covenant of baptism. In addition to the Seeleys, our other investigators with a baptismal date are doing pretty well. Liam didn't make it to stake conference. When we saw him yesterday,
 he was all frustrated because he waited for his ride a long time, but the ride never showed up. Turns out he forgot to change his clock for daylight savings. He should be coming to church this upcoming Sunday though. He's so funny though. He's just crazy and out there. In one lesson this week, he was like "Here's my old testament" and held out the book of Mormon we gave him. Elder Bailey and I chuckled about that! We also picked up another investigator whose real name I can't remember, because we just call him his nickname peanut. He's also interesting. He really thinks things through before he says anything, but his views and ideas are just insane. He asked us for some evidence of the truthfulness of the book of Mormon. (Physical Evidence). We briefly mentioned to him some of the archeological findings but really refocused on coming to know through sincere prayer. Ultimately that's how anyone can truly be converted and convinced of the truthfulness of the book of Mormon and the restoration of the gospel. Zaire, another investigator we have with a baptismal date, came to church as well. He's so sweet. He said he would be at church this sunday to. We also keep having cool experiences finding people. Tonya, a less-active we have been working with who has now been at church the past two weeks in a row, called us up for our appointment with her and asked if we could meet her at her friends house. Of course we said yes and picked up both of her friends, John and Jen as investigators and set them with a baptismal date. It was a really cool experience. Tonya did a perfect job at being the member fellowshipper as well. I love this work so much and am going to miss it very much. I love you all back home, and have a great week.

Elder Tyler Richins

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