Wednesday, October 28, 2015

How Quickly This All is Coming to an End...I've Got to Make the Most of It!

Good old birthday celebration!!

Hey everyone!!

Well this week was pretty good. Elder Bailey and I are still having a lot of fun working hard and seeing miracles as the lord hastens his work!! Ashley and Alyssa are both doing really well. They should be baptized and confirmed on November 7th and 8th. They seem to really enjoy us coming over and teaching them the gospel. It's been really cool to be a part of their conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We saw quite a few miracles this week. In addition to Ashley and Alyssa doing really well, we also picked up a new investigator Liam. He's a party. He has a baptismal date for sometime in December. He's hilarious. He just says the craziest things. I can't wait to keep working with him. He gave us a hard time for being a few minutes late to one of our appointments, and he told Elder Bailey and I that we weren't friends with him because we lied to him. We forgot to bring the restoration dvd to one of his appointments when we told him we would. Haha. We told him we were sorry for forgetting though, and everything's alright now. Zaire is still doing really well. He apparently loves having us come over. A miracle Elder Bailey and I saw was that yesterday when we stopped by his mom answered the door. She has previously told us that she wasn't interested in meeting with us, but that it was alright for us to meet with Zaire. Well Zaire has been saying good things about us, and now she's open to meeting with us. Hopefully we will pick her up as an investigator this week. She even said she would have some food for us as well. Another miracle was meeting Tonya. She's a less-active member who hasn't been in the church for years. Elder Bailey and I were actually trying someone the zone leaders had told us they had talked to on the street, and she was walking and we talked with her and got her address and phone number, and taught her the restoration the next day. She's sweet and really wants to get involved with the gospel again. She came to church as well yesterday. She's going to progress really well. We met with Leone again, he's doing alright. We are worried that he is meeting with us more out of a curiosity rather than a desire to actually change. But hopefully we are wrong. We are going to teach him the plan of salvation today, which I think will be really good and help us to see where he is actually at. Our investigator Michelle is doing really well. She has also been reading the book of Mormon, and says that everything she is learning is what she was "taught when she was younger." Which she couldn't really have been, because she's not a member of the church. Maybe she's feeling that spirit that she has heard this before, in the pre-earth life. That's my only explanation. But she's doing well. We actually picked up her friend Stephanie, and her two kids Havana and Franklin as investigators and set them with a baptismal date. That was a really crazy lesson, because Havana, Franklin, and the two little girls are all under the age of 12, so trying to keep them reverent and focused was quite the challenge. We watched the restoration DVD with them. Unfortunately, Rachel dropped us. She simply said that the church wasn't for her. Elder Bailey and I were both really sad about that, because she had been making such good progress. I'm pretty sure she's been influenced by her peers though about the decision. But hey, maybe someday she will join the church. All of our other investigators aren't really progressing either and we haven't been able to see them as often as we would like. Hopefully we will be able to get back in contact with them and start teaching them soon. The temple trip is a week from tomorrow. We get to go to quite a few church sites as well as the temple, and will have lunch to. I know we get to go to the sacred grove, the hill Cumorah, and the shop where the book of Mormon was published. Life is good though. My last Zone training meeting was this week. It focused on charity, hope, and helping people keep their commitments. It was good, but it's weird to think how quickly this all is coming to an end. I've got to make the most of it! Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Richins

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