Tuesday, September 1, 2015

One Season Left :(

John Brewer had a birthday this week!

Wow its crazy that another transfer has officially started and summer is just about over. My two winters, springs, and summers are done in New York. I only have one fall left and then I will be home. Crazy. But I'm trying not to think about that. Haha.  Elder Bailey and I are doing work and seeing a lot of miracles in our area. He is progressing really well as a missionary too. This week we worked hard and picked up a few more new investigators. Unfortunately, some of the people we picked up last week have either lost interest or completely dropped off the face of the earth. We dropped Sykia,  Sharon, Messiah, Hannah, and Elijah. Which was sad. But I noticed that even though we dropped them right after teaching them, it wasn't a waste of time. On the way to one of their appointments, we picked up another investigator named Terri who seems more solid and interested in the gospel. She lost her husband 10 years ago, and is really bitter towards God. But she is open to us coming over, and she is really softening up. She even started praying again after we started visiting with her. So it was cool to think that maybe we picked up Sharaon, Messiah, Hannah, and Sykia, so we could come in contact with Terri. We also picked up her son Brian this week as well. Terri says it will take some time for her to find out, but she said she would be willing to come to church with us this upcoming Sunday. In addition to Terri and Brian, we also started teaching Rose. She's sweet. She has been to temple square and has a good image of the church. She is the mother of a potential named Candy that we visited. So there again is an example of finding someone to teach through people you are already working with. Which I honestly have seen a lot on my mission. I think that's how we picked up everyone else this week as well. We also saw a lot of miracles with the less-actives in this area this week. We taught April and she had her daughters there, who are non members. We read the introduction to the Book of Mormon with them and one of her daughters took a Book of Mormon and agreed to read it. So that was really cool. We are going to have to follow up with that. We also started teaching another less-active named Michelle. She wants to get to the temple, so we have been teaching her about that and hope to get her to the temple soon. Michelle is Bridget's sister. I think I have told you guys about Bridget. She is a less-active whose daugther is getting baptized in September, so we are teaching her the missionary lessons to prepare her for baptism. Bridget is really progressing as well. She came to church last week for the first time. And her daughter Emma came yesterday. We also saw another less-active Mr. Salatino, at pizza hut for lunch. We talked briefly with him and he wants us to visit and teach his kids. I also met him with Elder Hammond, so hopefully we get over there soon. He keeps on having to cancel when we set up for whatever reason. We also visited with a lady named Lisa. We didn't pick her up as an investigator. She lives in Rochester. But she was visiting someone in our area, and she is really troubled by the state the world is in and really wants to know the truth. She grew up catholic, but doesn't believe in it. She doesn't seem to know what to believe. We taught her (it was all over the place) about principles from the restoration and the plan of salvation. As we ended our discussion, gave her a Book of Mormon and the restoration and plan of salvation pamphlets. We gave her our number and she said we could friend her on facebook as well. But after that, I knew that God had put us there to talk to her and give her that opportunity to learn about the gospel. Little miracles like that are all over. Even though we didn't pick her up, it was really cool to see how God is aware of each of his children. That's about it for this week though.


Elder Tyler Richins.

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