Monday, September 14, 2015

More Miracles!

Me and Elder Bailey!!!

Our hike in Watkins Glen

Well this week was awesome! Elder Bailey and I are still seeing miracles as we continue to serve. We saw some awesome things happen this week. Where to begin? First off, we had an investigator back in August named Jessica. She seemed pretty interested, but after our first appointment, she hardly ever texted us back or anything, and pretty much dropped off. So Elder Bailey and I were headed to an appointment this week, and she was right there on the porch. Turns out she had moved out from her ex's place, and her phone number that we had was in his name, so that's why she didn't call or text us back at all. But it was sweet to run into her again as we were headed to another appointment. We got her new phone number, and she's moved right into our area. So we went and taught her the restoration later that night, and it was so powerful. We briefly went over the first few points, and then watched the restoration dvd with her and set her with a baptismal date! That was a really cool experience and miracle! We also had another miracle this week. It was while I was on exchange with Elder Chambers. We had dinner with Brother Tanner. Brother Tanner is the stake patriarch, and also was in the temple presidency. Super spiritual guy. When he said the closing prayer at our dinner appointment, you could just feel the spiritual power so much! But we went to an appointment with him, and that appointment cancelled. So we got back in the car, and Brother Tanner notices this person sitting on their porch looking a little sad. He said we share light, and should go talk to him. So thinking we had nothing to lose, Elder Chambers and I got out of the car and talked to him. Ended up teaching him the restoration right there, and it was sweet. Ty is the name of the guy we talked to. He even said "I needed some light today with what I've been going through, and I definitely have felt that meeting with you guys here. God works in mysterious ways." Or something like that. We also set him with a baptismal date as well. So that was another sweet miracle we got to see. I told Brother Tanner when we got back in the car that he needs to come out teaching with us more often and identify those people who are prepared. Haha. We also picked up another investigator Nakia this week. She was a potential who moved, but we called up the phone number and ended up visiting her the next day and teaching her the restoration as well. We will be setting her with a baptismal date soon. Scott, our investigator with a baptismal date is still doing well. We taught him the rat trap object lesson on faith. But he wouldn't set it off at all. He's way funny though. The bakers are doing alright. Yarilys now says she doesn't feel like the church is for her anymore. Elder Bailey and I are wondering if she got talked to by her parents though. Because she seemed way interested and even told her dad in front of us that "she knew it was true and that it was for her." But Jake Brewer who knows them well since he used to go to their church before he was baptized said that the church discouraged him from getting baptized when he was investigating. So that is another possibility! But we haven't given up hope on them yet.  We also have been seeing a lot of success with the less-active work here as well. We found a new les-active, Hope, that we started teaching this week. She definitely has a lot of potential. We had a really good lesson on the Sabbath with April this week. She will hopefully be finding a new job soon so she can get to church on Sunday. She really misses church and really wants to go! Bridget and Michelle are stagnant right now, so we are going to have to really get them to start keeping commitments or we are going to have to not meet with them as much, because we are here to work with people who are willing to keep commitments and change. With how busy I have been, I realize how much I am going to miss this work. I just can't wait to make the most out of these last few weeks! Love you all and hope you all have a great week!

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