Sunday, August 30, 2015

This Week in Herkimer!

Grandma countryman and her family from Herkimer!
Me and elder villejo!

Hey Everyone!

Well this week in Herkimer was great I served with Elder Villejo for the week. He came out a transfer before me, so he only has 6 weeks left. But he still works hard and we had fun and saw a lot of miracles this week! But wednesday I will be headed back to Elmira with a brand new missionary. I"m stoked to train! Now all I've got to do is finish strong and stick to the task. So this week with Elder Villejo was fun! He is from the Philippines originally but moved to Hawaii. We did work this week though and picked up four new investigators! The first investigator we picked up was Gene. He's interesting. We did service for him and then  talked to him about Joseph Smith. He's really skeptical about the Joseph Smith story and thinks that Joseph smith just made the whole thing up. So we talked a little bit about how he could know through sincere prayer and studying the book of mormon. He's been through a lot though. He's really skeptical about everything since when his son died, his pastor came over to comfort them. He said their son was appearing to him in dreams, but then the pastor and gene's wife ran off together. And he said he was reminded of that when he prayed about Joseph Smith. But hopefully he will sincerely read and pray. That's what you need to do to get an answer. Another investigator we picked up was jerry. That was a sweet experience. He is living with his brother and brother's wife right now, who we were referred to. So we went over to try them and  jerry walked around the corner and started talking with us! We were all over the place answering his questions, but ended up talking a lot about the restoration and we all felt the spirit really strong. It was way cool when we said it wasn't a coincidence that we met though. Jerry agreed that our meeting wasn't a coincidence either. He even said "normally I would have told you guys to leave and try another time and I would have avoided you, but something compelled me to talk to you guys and you guys are actually really cool."  It was a sweet miracle. He gave us his phone number to, which he said wasn't something he would normally do.The spirit definitely softened his heart! It was awesome! We also picked up Shelly through tracting. Which was awesome. When we knocked on her door and she said "yes" to us sharing a message I was taken aback because that hardly ever happens. She has recently lost a lot of family members, so we talked with her about the plan of salvation and how a close relationship with Jesus Christ can really help us in our lives. She said our message brightened her day, and we got a return appointment with her for tomorrow! The final investigator Elder Villejo and I picked up this week was Brandon. He is the son of Sister Snyder, a less-active member. He went with her to the mormon church in the south when she was taught by the missionaries and baptized. He said he didn't mind it, but he didn't understand why Christ had to die for us. So we answered his questions and taught him the restoration. He said it made a lot more sense after we talked to him. We are going to play basketball with him and some of his buddies later today. But he definitely has a lot of potential! I bet he will get baptized. His friend zack was there to. He wasn't that interested though and was a little distracting during the lesson. But they are both good kids! We also had some very interesting/funny experiences this week. We met with the Herkimer elder's investigator ellen, who apparently is transfigured and read us how the god of buddhism is the same as the god of christianity. I was quite taken aback. We also met another lady named rose, who talked to us and I was hoping we would pick her up as an investigator. Turns out she believes that lucifer had a son named satan, and the devil is satan's son. So lucifer really isn't to blame. She also believes christ sinned because he made the o ryan's (governing forces of the universe sta) mad. He came to her in a dream crying because he messed up and mad e them mad apparently. So those were two very fun experiences. We laughed a lot about those two experiences afterwards. Grandma also is in herkimer. She is really sweet. She feeds the missionaries every day here if they don't have a meal, and has been for 40 years. She is way funny to. But yeah herkimer has been fun, but I am stoked to head back to elmira! Love you all back home and have a great week!

Elder Richins

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