Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Bats in My Belfry/Bag!

Partying on the way to Mission Conference

Corning Museum of Glass

Opened this bag in our apartment up and he was hiding in it. Spooked me a bit!!

Hey everyone!!!
This week was great. So to start off, I have a little surprise. Elder Hammond is a visa waiter, and he is going to brazil this week. He is serving in the  Brazil Recife mission. I'm excited for him. So for this week President told me just to pack a week's supply of stuff and I will be headed up to Herkimer for the week until the transfer on Wednesday August 19th, then I will come back with a new companion to Elmira south. And since he told me to only come with a week's supply of stuff, I know I'll come back to Elmira. Which is sweet! But yeah. My companion in Herkimer is going to be elder villejo. Everyone here in Elmira is telling me to get a diamond. Apparently Herkimer is famous for that. The glass factory was really cool. We didn't have time to make any glass, but we did get to see it blown. Maybe when we come tour the mission we can do that. And we will definitely have to go to lake placid as well!! But yeah. Elmira is doing pretty well though. The brewers are still doing good. John got interviewed by the bishop to receive the Aaronic priesthood yesterday, and he passed so that's exciting. He, Jake, and louise are really sweet. The gates haven't really made any changes since last week, we did teach them tithing. They still didn't come to church though, which is frustrating! We also officially dropped Ronnie. So the work is slowing down a bit. But it has so much potential. We just need to find the elect. The swicegoods are headed in the right direction though. I think they have made the most progress out of anyone I have taught the first 4 weeks here. Philip, the nonmember is opening up to us which is awesome. We taught them the restoration. We really felt the spirit. Philip walked out of the room when the spirit felt the strongest. Haha. I was wondering if he did that on purpose or not! I hope he didn't. I'll have to point out the spirit the next time we teach him. But April (she's less-active) has also started to open up a lot to us and has started making comments in lessons and stuff. She didn't so much at first. I asked her to bear her testimony of her conversion to the restored gospel when all 4 of us were in the room and she did. That was really sweet. I think they can really progress and I'm excited to keep working with them once I get back. I also went on exchange to corning this week, which was fun. I went with Elder Medearis. That was an adventure. I went on Friday, and apparently in corning Friday is the day when they are involved in service and don't really do much "typical missionary work." We helped the Methodist church with their "meals on wheels." We just deliver meals to the poorer people in corning. Then we went to the senior citizens center where we played mopped the floors and then played pool with a few of them. Chuck, Gary, and Gary were the people who played pool with us. It was really fun. Chuck kept on chewing out Elder Medearis for losing the game for them (they were on a team and me and Gary on the other) because he missed easy shots and shot the eight ball in the wrong pocket or something. Then after that we went and played ultimate frisby with members of the branch. Also we went to buffalo wild wings this week when we exchanged. It was me, Elder Medearis, Elder Chambers, Elder Summers, Elder Hammond, and Elder Deka. They have a deal on Thursday's where their boneless wings are only 65 cents a wing, so we each had 1 wing of almost every type and started at the mildest and worked up to the hottest. That was fun! We also had a mission conference this week, which pretty much took up all of Tuesday. But it was really good. President Rogers trained on rededicating ourselves to the work and being full purpose missionaries, meaning having a balance of finding, teaching investigators, activation and retention efforts, etc,. So that was really good. It's crazy to think I only have about 3 months left. Everyone keeps reminding me of that, which makes me want to make the most of this time left even more. I can't believe how fast it has gone by. It's weird because when people ask about coming home, I am excited to see you all again and such, but it will be very sad to stop being a missionary and just worrying about that. So it's going to be bittersweet. Well hope you all have a great week everyone! Love you all!! 
Elder Richins

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  1. Wow, it is crazy thinking he only has 3 more months!