Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Working Hard!

Me and Sister Whitley!

Porkie and Louise! Great people in fulton!

The Warthens in Fulton! Love that family!

Me And elder Jackman!

Mormon lake!

Hey Everyone,
This week was quite interesting. Now that I have had a bit more time to be here in Elmira, I can tell you a bit more about the area. Elmira is sweet. The ward members here are so solid and supportive of the missionaries. It's been great. The teaching pool is slowly building up. Elder Hammond is pretty cool. He has only been out for 6 months or so, but he's got a desire to be out here. We both really just want to work hard, have fun, and get the area booming again since it was closed for the 6 weeks prior to us both being here. We teach some pretty cool people too. The Brewer family is doing awesome. They are all recent converts. They love having us over though, and Jacob and Louise both want to serve missions. Jacob also loves coming teaching with us, which is very helpful. Our only investigator right now is Ronnie, and he has been investigating for a long time! He says he wants to get baptized, but then he just doesn't keep the commitments. So we will see where it goes. We taught him the rat trap object lesson on faith to him this week, but we couldn't really meet with him otherwise. He had to reschedule. If he doesn't make some progress this week, we will drop him. The Gates are a less-active family we are working with. They are super cool. They should be active. They believe it's true and everything, but they need transportation to church. But we have a ride for them already set up, so there is no worries there. They weren't there yesterday though because some of the kids were sick. Those 3 families are the people Elder Hammond and I have been seeing since we got here, but this last week we were blessed to find some new people to teach as well. We got to teach a less-active named April for the first time. She is really sweet. She has a testimony of the gospel and everything, but she needs to work on sundays. So we are going to try to help her figure out how to get to church, because she wants to be there, she just can't right now. But the lord will provide a way as we all exercise our faith. But it will be sweet working with her. We also met another less-active, Sister Clark. She is interesting. She claims she still has a testimony of the gospel, and was very friendly to us and we definitely felt the spirit as we visited with her. But she was offended by someone, and hasn't been to church since. Which is really sad. So we will see where that goes. She and her husband (a non-member) go to some church (I think Methodist) and are very involved in it. So we will have to see where that goes. We also have been able to meet with quite a few members and have been able to get a few member referrals here as well. . We met quite a few other people who couldn't schedule appointments or cancelled them, but we will find those who are looking. But I know the work will continue to hasten here One sad thing that happened this week was that the horseheads sisters closed. One of the sisters had to go home and the other one went up to new Hartford. It stinks though. We were going to have such a fun transfers. We were involved in a harmless prank war with them. Don't worry, we made ground rules so it wouldn't interfere with the work at all, break any rules, or lose any members trust. But we had some sweet plans for the prank war this upcoming transfer. But now it's just us and the zone leaders in the ward. The zone leaders here are way cool, Elders Deka and Summers. But that was kind of sad. We went up to Mormon lake with the sisters though before they had to leave. We also had dinner with the Rodriguez's. They are sick. Brother Rodriguez is a huge runner, and runs half marathons and all that. Sister Rodriguez is a chiropractor who will adjust our backs for us, so that's going to be really nice. Another sweet member is Pammie. She is so fun! WE always have a blast when we go over and visit her for dinner or to do service. But that's it for this week. Love you all back home and have a great week!
Elder Richins

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