Monday, July 27, 2015

Sticking to the Task!

Fun times with sisters at the lake! Didn't have time to send this one last week!

I wasn't too happy about this last Monday...

Mowing the Lawn!

Well, this week was pretty good. Elder Hammond and I are still just trying to pick the work up and see miracles. We actually did see more new people this week than last, so that was really good. One of the families we are teaching, the brewers are really sweet. They are all recent converts and love the missionaries and the gospel. However we definitely will need to review the lessons with them though. To see how much they remembered from the first 3 lessons, Elder Hammond and I played jeopardy with them. The questions were all based on the first 3 lessons in chapter 3 of PMG. John Brewer is really funny to. He always goes for the hardest questions and gets really into jeopardy. We also taught them about priorities and putting the gospel first in their lives. That went well. But they didn't make it to church because he had a job to do this Sunday and Louise and Jacob couldn't find a ride.  The Gates are doing alright. They didn't come to church this week because they were going to go camping, but they didn't. But we taught them the teabag object lesson (for the gospel of Jesus Christ) and went over the hand signals for the 10 commandments as well. They should be coming to church. Bridget definitely has the desire to. Hopefully they will get there. Ronnie isn't progressing at all. We had a really good lesson with him. He was really upset about how stressed he was with life and how people always come to him for help and stuff like that. We mostly just listened and shared some scriptures with him about overcoming trials and the atonement of Jesus Christ, and talked about the peace and happiness the gospel brings. It went really well and it looked like he was going to start keeping commitments, and then he didn't show up at church after he said he would be there. We might have to drop him this week. He's a nice guy, but he might need a break from the missionaries. We will figure it out. We also taught April again this week with brother Magee. We did the priorities lesson with the ping pong balls and rice again (like we did with the brewers). April should be active, but she just needs to get Sundays off work. But bro Magee was a boss teaching. His testimony and ability to relate to April reminded me of how much better appointments go if we get members to come with us. I've really gained a testimony on the importance of members in missionary work on my mission. We also saw the Clarks this week. Sister Clark is the one who doesn't come because she got offended. Her husband Dick is a non member. Very friendly though. We just got to know him since he wasn't there the first time we went over to their house and shared a quick message on the savior's love for all of us. They seem like they are having us over just to be nice, but they don't seem too interested. We are going to teach them the plan of salvation this week, hopefully that will go well and spark their interest. I also had a fun time at the stake event we had on Saturday. It was awesome because since I'm in the owego stake, I got to see the Larsons, Knudsens, Brunos, and Bishop Demming again. We also played two hand touch football with a bunch of missionaries and members which was way fun. It's weird though because these past few weeks when people have been asking me how long I have been out and I've said 20 months and they say "oh so you are almost done." It's so weird how fast it has gone by. But you have got to stick to the task til it sticks to you and finish strong. I can't wait to see what miracles and experiences await me these last few months of my mission. Love you all and hope you have a great week!
Elder Richins


 I forgot to mention this in my big email to the whole family, but we had dinner with the bontorno family, and brother bontorno is sick. He plays hockey. And we are going to go play indoor hockey today at the church. President approved it as long as we don't get hurt. Haha. So I am way stoked for that. Hopefully I will be able to shake off most of the rust. Love you dad and have a great week!!

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