Monday, July 13, 2015


Well first off this week was pretty great. Although fishing with the warthens didn't work out. I was pretty bummed about that. But things came up I couldn't control and there will be other times to go fishing for huge trout and salmon, so I got over it pretty quickly. It was sad to leave the warthens though. They seriously are such a sweet family. I miss visiting them so much. They are so sweet, and they are what made Fulton! Anyways, Elmira is a sweet area. The members here are so cool. I'm in Elmira south which is all of the Elmira ward south of the river. Elmira's a city though. So far my Owego and Schoharie have been the rural areas, fulton was in the middle, and Elmira and Scotia are similar.  Happy is that bad? not even chasing mice and squirrels and such? She used to do that all the time. Well I'm glad to hear the triplets passed their AP test. Hope Sarah continues to get better!
But this week was really good. Elmira has a gym which I am stoked about. It's going to be sweet. We all go there in the morning (Elder Hammond, me, Elder Deka, and elder summers (Elmira zone leaders) and work out for the day. I'm way excited about that because I haven't had a gym my whole mission, and I've always wanted one to get back into the working out habit. So that's sweet. The members here in Elmira are great. Seriously. The ward reminds me a lot of how Schoharie ward was when I left in terms of member support. We have meals everyday, and members are looking out to help us go and teach people and find people for us to teach, ward council is effective, I'm just really impressed with the ward so far. President Rogers and Sister Rogers are pretty cool. They do have a different style of running the mission than the wirthlins, but President Rogers seems really funny. Sister Rogers seems really scared though about it. She's still getting used to it I think. But they have some good ideas and will keep the work moving forward. So since Elder Hammond and I opened the area, we don't have the largest teaching pool. The Elmira zone leaders and horseheads sisters split covering our area while it was closed this last transfer! The zone leaders were teaching Brother Brewer, who got baptized this last Saturday. His kids Jacob and Louise were baptized by elder kunzler when he served here. So they are all recent converts and we will be working with them. Our other investigator is R. He's interesting. He's been investigating the church forever, and had a baptismal date for august, but didn't live the word of wisdom over the 4th of July weekend, so we had to drop it. He says he still wants to read and learn and get baptized, but we will see if he starts keeping his commitments. We also met a few part member families and less-actives this week who weren't being taught due to the area being closed that we want to start working with. We met bridget this week. She's a less-active who still reads the book of Mormon and was baptized within the last 2 to 2 1/2 years, so we are going to work with her to get her back to church. The members here are sweet though. And I met a few of them when Elder Kunzler and I served in Owego together. The Reeders and Farnsworths are sweet. They had us over for dinner this last week. We are having dinner with a recently activated member Pam and her two daughters who recently got baptized. I like them a lot to, although Pam gives us "homework" and has some pretty interesting concerns. She defended why homosexuality isn't allowed even though it's now legal, and want us to prove her wrong using the book of Mormon. So that will be interesting. Well that's it about Elmira for now. I'm sure I'll have more info for you next week. Oh Mark Twain is buried in one of the cemeteries here though. Love you all and have a great week!
Elder Richins 

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