Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Changes Changes Changes

Ginger's Sale

Good Times with the Warthens

Good times with Whitley

Hello Everyone!

Sounds like you all had a great time canyonering and are having a lot of fun. It will be fun to go on adventures like that as a whole family again! But time flies, and I can't believe summer is already almost over. First off, this week has been quite the week! President and Sister Rogers have officially taken over the mission! Man it's so weird to see the Wirthlins gone, they are so sweet and I am going to miss them. But President and Sister Rogers seem nice and excited to continue to get the work going forward! He's pretty funny, and OBGYN doctor. They are from St. George, and have quite a large family. In addition to that change, transfer calls were this last saturday. I will be opening up Elmira South with Elder Hammond. I'm so excited for that though! Elder Kunzler served in Elmira South, and he loved it. I've also already been to Elmira on an exchange, and it was a sweet area. It's also weird to think with 3 transfers left it might be my last area on my mission! Also Elder Summers is going to Elmira as well to be the zone leader, and he was one of my close buddies in Scotia, so we are stoked to be in the same ward. Elder Jackman will be training a new missionary. But I'm ready for this new adventure. Elder Jackman is feeling better though, which is really good!

I'll definitely miss the Warthens though. They are such a sweet family, and definitely the highlight of Fulton. I'm going to miss them so much! We have done so many fun things together, and we are planning on going fishing before I leave, so I'll get you pictures. But the have progressed so much as I've been here, and we have had fun too. Which is what missionary work is all about. The whole family came to church yesterday, and that was a miracle. Ginger wouldn't even think about church when I got here, and she's opened up so much as we have visited with her over these last few weeks. Sebastian also has expressed his own desire to get baptized. They are the one that I came to fulton for. We had some great fun this week to! They took us to fireworks and we helped them out with another one of Ginger's extreme couponing sales. It's so cool to see her do that and make bank! We also went to flat rock, which is on the beach of lake ontario. They are definitely my favorite family. I will miss them so much! Other than that, the week has been good. Brother fuller came to church again this week, so he is doing really well! It's been cool working with him and seeing him change as well. Once he came to church, he never looked back! He has his own big copy of the triple combination, and he watches the church videos we have given him a lot! We also had dinner with Ryan & Amanda! They are so sweet! Ryan is so funny and told as all the cool stories he had from his mission. One time he and his companion where at dinner, and apparently the food was really bad. But the person they were visiting kept the windows spot clean, enough that they looked open. So when she went into the other room, Ryan's companion threw the food off his plate and it hit the window and splattered all over. That was really funny! He also told us a funny story (but it is stereotypical). He loved teaching african americans, and he was in one town where they were convinced there weren't any. But then they saw a chicken wing bone on the ground and said "they are here." Turns out they found that person and baptized her and her friend. Elder Jackman and I were laughing pretty hard at that one! They are sweet though! I'm also going to miss Sister Whitley! Going over for dinner every monday and playing some card games! We got pretty competitive sometimes! Haha. Fulton was good, but I'm still stoked for Elmira! The members there are sweet from what I've heard, they have a gym we go to in the mornings, so I'll get back into the habit of working out earlier than I expected, and were going to see miracles! 

Thank you all again for all of your support! I love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!

Elder Tyler Richins

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