Monday, June 8, 2015

Transfers May 25th 2015

Hey everyone!

So transfer calls was last Saturday, and I am so stoked for this upcoming transfer. Elder Ward is going to Fayetteville and I will be joined by Elder Jackman. Elder Jackman is coming here from Schoharie!!!! So that's way exciting! I am pumped to work with him. Elder Wilcox is going home and Sister Kastigar is leaving as well. Elder Gardener will be the new district leader. He will join Elder Purdy in Pulaski. Elder Gardener was in my district when I was in Schoharie, so I am really stoked for this upcoming transfer. 

So this week was pretty good. We've been working hard and seeing a lot of success from our efforts. The lord has been blessing us so much and has put miracles into our lives. We had some really cool and some interesting experiences this week as well! So first off Josh is doing great. He doesn't know exactly where or when his baptism will be. Right now his date is July 11th, but he knows that it will be sometime in early July. I will let you guys know as soon as possible where and when so you can all go to it! We taught him about studying the scriptures and tithing this week, and he just keeps soaking everything about he gospel in! One of his lessons was when the Reidy's (active members), had us and him over for dinner! Sister Reidy is a Dang good cook! She made apple rhubarb pie for desert, and it was amazing!! Josh is just a stud though. We had gotten permission from President Wirthlin to go to one of his concerts, and we went this week. He's a pretty good musician. And he's being really smart with his career. I know he's going on tour right after he gets baptized. The Warthens are another sweet family that we are teaching. They are a less-active, part member family. Ginger made us and the sisters dinner this week. It was amazing. We went over early and played basketball with Sebastian for a few minutes before. But it was a feast. Ginger is from the South, and makes really good barbecue. Best ribs I've ever had, amazing chicken, asparagus wrapped in bacon (which was way good), corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, green beans, chili beans. It was so good! They are so fun though. They know all about missionaries and try to make us feel like their house is a home away from home! They are so fun! They were on the do not contact list a year ago to, so it has been great to see how far they have come. They will be coming to church soon, and Sebastian (kid who's 9) knows he needs to be baptized! We also got to go watch the Fulton memorial day parade with them which was fun. We also are seeing great progress in a few other people we are teaching! Sister Murrell came to church for the second time! We watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration with her. We had to watch it in two separate lessons because she had an asma attack at the end of the first one! But she's alright! Brother Fuller, another less-active came to church as well. He is really cool and funny. After taking the sacrament bread he looked over to me and was like "mmm breakfast!" Haha I had a good chuckle over that. But he is really looking to regain his faith and he enjoyed church so I am very excited to keep working with him. We also have been working with Sister Hufnagle, another less-active who like Brother Fuller is looking to regain her faith. She didn't make it to church this week, but she has been reading the book of mormon a lot, so I'm excited to see what is going to happen with her. We also got to teach Lisa again this week. We were having a really good lesson on the plan of salvation with her when her husband walked in and as soon as he did, the spirit left the room. She is our other investigator with a baptismal date. We also found a new investigator this week named Coleen, who has been taught by the missionaries before and she (according to a member co worker) was really interested and didn't know why she stopped investigating. Actually it was way cool because we were just going through our phone calling and texting people and she replied to our text saying she would love to meet with us and she had some family that would to! It was sweet! Evee and Marty got were really busy the first part of the week, and have been really sick recently, but we should be able to meet with them this week! Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week and a great time at the cabin! 


Elder Tyler Richins

PS You know what's really weird. I've already hit my Sister mission, and President and Sister Wirthlin go home this upcoming transfer. Man I will miss them so much! They are the best. But President and Sister Rogers seem cool

 Ginger is from the South, and makes really good barbecue. 

Best ribs I've ever had, 
amazing chicken, asparagus 
wrapped in bacon
 (which was way good), 
corn on the cob, 
mashed potatoes, 
green beans, chili beans. 

It was so good!

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