Monday, June 8, 2015

Stick to the Task and Finish Strong!

Hey everyone!!

This week has been great!! So first off for the questions. Yes mom - I am working hard. Stick to the task and finish strong! This week was kind off slow actually, but there are a lot of good things still happening in the area! It's beautiful up here. The leaves and all the foliage have all completely blossomed! It's sweet. So Josh is doing well. We didn't get to meet with him this week because he was super busy with all of his shows, and he called us yesterday to inform us he got signed to a record in Los Angeles and they are flying him out tomorrow. I'm going to miss that kid so much! But he will be out in Utah in December, so I will see him soon! But seriously, he's one of the coolest people I have taught. So know he doesn't know when he will get baptized and if it will be in LA or utah or not, but I'm going to keep in touch with him and if he does end up getting baptized in Utah I will let you know! So he's doing really well. Our other investigator kyle we finally were able to meet in person this week. We have been teaching him over facebook for a long time, but due to miles we were never able to get out there, but we actually met him in person this week and he is pretty solid and has a lot more desire than I was expecting him to. So we are excited about that. He still hasn't come to church though, so we still need to figure that out. We also had to drop Lisa's baptismal date. We haven't been able to see her at all. But Sister Whitley will be in touch with her and when she comes around we will start teaching her again. Marty and Eve we weren't able to see either because one of their family members was always sick this week. But they and kyle have potential. The less-active work is unreal here though. Brother Warthen and the kids all came to church again this week. Bro Warthen even bore his testimony. I love that family. I think they are the coolest family I've taught on my mission! They are so funny! I love working with them. It's been amazing to see that they have been making progress though! They had been meeting with missionaries for a long time when I got here, so I didn't know if they would start coming to church, but we were persistent and something ticked and now they are coming. Sister Green and Brother Fuller are both doing well. Sister Green made it to church, but brother fuller didn't because he was sick. But he is still very interested in the gospel and should be there this upcoming sunday! The coolest experiences I had this week were meeting two people out in the boonies of our area! One was an active member, Sister Orr. Elder Jackman and I wanted to stop by to ask her about someone in our records that used to be taught by the missionaries who had a baptismal date and everything. But going to Sister Orr's would be backtracking, and more miles, and we really thought for a minute about whether we wanted to go or not. We ended up deciding to go for it, and we visited with her for quite awhile. She hadn't been to church in 6 weeks or so because she is really struggling financially and can barely get by, so she's taking any job she can. She used to be financially set to. But the cool thing was Elder Jackman and his family went through a very similar circumstance when he was growing up. (They had a business and were doing really well and all of the sudden were in some financial trouble), so I thought it was really cool how well he could relate to her. And then we talked to her about going to church even if it meant sacrificing a job or so. And she looked at us and said she was so glad we stopped by to visit her, and she was at church on Sunday! I just knew that that wasn't coincidence. Elder Jackman being able to relate to sister orr like that. It's cool to see how the lord calls missionaries to bless not only the investigators, but the members in an area as well. After that, we went to our other appointment we had with Bro Brooks who is nicknamed porkie! He is so funny! It's going to take some time to get him interested in coming to church. He loves family history but that's about it. And he thinks he's too old for change. So we need to help him understand the atonement better! But he is so funny! He was cracking all sorts of jokes. But he actually makes pork rhines which is how he got the nickname porkie. And they aren't that bad! Love you all and have a great week!!

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