Monday, June 29, 2015

Saying Goodbye To President & Sister Wirthlin

Lake Ontario

Hey everyone,

First off for all the questions. Fishing didn't work out this week because the guide had some tours booked that Ginger didn't know about, but we are going to go before the end of this transfer. I will definitely send pictures the pday following my pulaski adventure. President Rogers gets here on July 2nd. It's hard to believe how fast this time has gone by. It will be very weird to see President and Sister Wirthlin go. They have had such a huge impact on me. But I have heard very good things about President and Sister Rogers, and am looking forward to see how they run the mission. Yes, I did hear that levi had moved closer and am looking forward to that. It's hard to believe he and weston are home. 

This week was actually really slow. Probably the slowest I have had in a long time. Elder Jackman sprained his ankle for the 2nd time on Tuesday, and had some bruising on the bone. The doctor said no walking for him until sunday night, so we have hardly seen anyone this week and haven't been able to work like normal. I did get to have some fun with the Warthens though. We went over there everyday so elder jackman could rest on their nice couch. I taught Sebastian and Ana how to play chess. They both really like it actually. It was fun to play chess with them and develop close relationships with them. We also helped ginger with her yard sale that she does for couponing every other saturday. So that was fun. Other than that things are going well here. Brother Fuller and the warthens didn't make it to church this week. Brother Fuller's leg has been bothering him really bad, and Ginger had a stomach bleed she had to go to the hospital for saturday night. Hopefully they will get better. If you could all pray for them and for us to continue to find people to teach, that would be great. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Richins

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