Monday, June 15, 2015

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Another Snapping Turtle!

Hey Everyone!

This week was great! Elder Jackman and I are seeing quite a bit of success! And we had a really fun week too! You've got to work hard and have fun! We are still working with the Warthen family. They are so sick! They might be my favorite family I've ever worked with y mission. And I love a lot of the people and families I've been able to meet on my mission whether they are investigator, part-member, active member, or less-active member families! But they just make us feel at home. They are really funny too! Bro Warthen and Sebastian are really into sports, so I've bonded with them. They have us over everyday. And we get to teach them, they will feed us, and we will play sports with them, and just have a good old time! I'm going to miss them so much when I leave here. They are so sweet. I've even managed to convince Sebastian to start following hockey, and his favorite hockey team is now the lightning. Go Bolts! I will have to tell you about all the good times I had at the Warthens house when I get back home. In addition to the Warthens, many other people we are working with are doing really well! Bro. Fuller came to church for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, and Sis. Hufnagle came to church for the first time yesterday, so that was good. Getting people to church is so important for conversion. I didn't really realize that too much before my mission, but if you stop going to church, you lose so much of the spiritual blessings we need in life. I've seen people who have stopped going to church for years, and they don't even really remember who Joseph Smith is. They may remember the name, but that's about it. Not his role as the prophet of the restoration. We also had another miracle by being able to visit with Sis. Hayes this week. Another less-active who hasn't been to church since she moved into the Fulton Ward about a year ago. But she's way sweet. She was so nice, and she reads her scriptures and prays. She even watched general conference and reads the ensign magazines. She just needs to come to church, and she even knows that. But it will come in time! We also got to visit Porkie again this week. They actually cook really well. We had an amazing dinner over there this week. Beef tips with rice and the sauce they marinated the beef in was amazing. So we put that over the rice and it was so good. I love Porkie too! He is so funny. He just cracks jokes all the time . He's so funny! We also got to go to red robin for Elder Jackmans, Ward and McCormies year mark! So that was really fun! We also have seen some of the members getting more involved in missionary work, which has been good. Elder Jackman and I have made that a focus to get members more involved in the work here. And we have had a few members voluntarily offer to come out teaching with us and want to have us over for dinner, which is exciting. As they get more involved, the work will hasten even more! Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Richins

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