Monday, June 8, 2015

New Companion...Elder Jackman!

Hey Everyone!!
This week was great! My new companion Elder Jackman is sweet! He played football, wrestled, and power lifted in high school, and got a state championship in power lifting and his team took state in wrestling. He also is neighbors with the krugers, so he got to wear Paul Kruger's super bowl ring! He's really fun and cool! He also served in Schoharie, so we have talked quite a bit about that and the members and people there. We both loved Schoharie, because Schoharie is the place!  We are going to see a lot of good things happen this transfer here though! This week was pretty good. I'll start off with the interesting facts. Josh told us that a decade ago or so Fulton had the highest incest rate in the nation so yeah there is your interesting fact. Fulton is a very interesting place. It also used to have a huge Nestle factory, but now it's just run down abandoned buildings. This week was great though. We are teaching a lot of cool people here in Fulton. I've already talked a lot about Josh, who I will inform you as soon as I find out exactly when and where his baptism will be. But he's sweet. He still just soaks everything in about the gospel and is so solid! And he will be in Utah this December, so Me and him already talked about partying a bit before I go off to college. The Warthens are another sweet family. Brother Warthen, Ana, and Sebastian all came to church this week!! It was so sweet. And Brother Warthen really enjoyed it and hopes to be back more often! Brother Fuller, another less-active we are working with, came to church for the second week in a row! Josh, Bro Fuller, and the Warthens are my 3 favorite people/families we are teaching right now. We taught Brother Fuller the plan of salvation this week and about the Godhead. The lessons went really well and the spirit was there. Unfortunately he can't really remember anything we teach him. But he definitely has the desire, and that's all that matters. I learned that from Hector in Owego. As long as the desire to do what's right is there, they will be able to gain a testimony and remember the spirit they felt and the truthfulness of what they taught. So we are going to keep working with him. Bro. Fuller must have been less-active pretty quickly after he was baptized though, because he doesn't have the priesthood, and he was baptized when he was 10. But we are going to get him there! He's sweet. The Warthens are doing well. We visited them almost everyday this week, even if we didn't necessarily teach them. But people have to know how much you care about them to. It was funny because Bro Warthen would jokingly tell us how it's his week off and he needed a break. We shared a mormon message on Tyler Haws on how he became a good basketball player, which they really related to because they love sports. The video talks about how important hard work is, and we related that to the gospel and how it's hard to get into those habits of living the gospel, but it's worth it. I also asked Bro Warthen about his conversion since he was baptized about 3 years ago and it was really cool. As he told me about it, he admitted he needs to start coming to church again and not wait for Ginger (his nonmember wife) before he starts coming again. I also mentioned to them that I was talking in sacrament meeting. Haha I don't know if that guilt trip was what worked or not but they where there. They are so sweet and I love them! Ginger is the one who makes delicious food like bacon wrapped asparagus. We also had some interesting lessons this week as well. In addition to Josh, the Warthens, and Bro Fuller, there are some less-actives and people we work with who are...just out there. We visited Sister Stout the other day with a member Bro Stacy, and that was interesting. They just hit it off with each other because they both talk to animals. It was quite odd. Elder Jackman hated it. I was just trying to hold in my laughter due to the absurdity of the scene! But yeah. We are working as hard as we can. Elder Jackman sprained his ankle pretty good, but other than that everything is going well in good old New York! Love you all so much! Have a great week!

Got to see some old friends!!!

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