Monday, June 29, 2015

Saying Goodbye To President & Sister Wirthlin

Lake Ontario

Hey everyone,

First off for all the questions. Fishing didn't work out this week because the guide had some tours booked that Ginger didn't know about, but we are going to go before the end of this transfer. I will definitely send pictures the pday following my pulaski adventure. President Rogers gets here on July 2nd. It's hard to believe how fast this time has gone by. It will be very weird to see President and Sister Wirthlin go. They have had such a huge impact on me. But I have heard very good things about President and Sister Rogers, and am looking forward to see how they run the mission. Yes, I did hear that levi had moved closer and am looking forward to that. It's hard to believe he and weston are home. 

This week was actually really slow. Probably the slowest I have had in a long time. Elder Jackman sprained his ankle for the 2nd time on Tuesday, and had some bruising on the bone. The doctor said no walking for him until sunday night, so we have hardly seen anyone this week and haven't been able to work like normal. I did get to have some fun with the Warthens though. We went over there everyday so elder jackman could rest on their nice couch. I taught Sebastian and Ana how to play chess. They both really like it actually. It was fun to play chess with them and develop close relationships with them. We also helped ginger with her yard sale that she does for couponing every other saturday. So that was fun. Other than that things are going well here. Brother Fuller and the warthens didn't make it to church this week. Brother Fuller's leg has been bothering him really bad, and Ginger had a stomach bleed she had to go to the hospital for saturday night. Hopefully they will get better. If you could all pray for them and for us to continue to find people to teach, that would be great. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Richins

Sunday, June 28, 2015

June 22, 2015


 Yeah snapping turtles are around here, but those are the only two I have seen on my mission! Today for pday we are go up to lake ontario. I just realized I never have told you about Ginger and her exteme couponing! So Ginger and her sister do it together. They get a ton of coupons and know all the ins and outs of getting the best deals, and end up making money or paying only a dollar for 50 items and then she sells it at her yard sale for the half price of walmart and makes bank. She has a facebook page with like 6,000 people. She has all sorts of stuff though. Shampoos, laundry soaps, hygiene supplies, and all sorts of stuff. I'll have to take pictures when we help her with the next sale. It will be this saturday, she does them every other saturday! It's sweet though. I need to learn how to do it so I can save a ton of money!

This week was pretty good though. The Warthens are still awesome! And Ginger is making huge progress. When I first got here, she had no opposition to the rest of the family having lessons and learning more about the church, but she wasn't at all interested. So we have focused on getting Bro Warthen and Ana re-activated rather than getting her to think about baptism. But now she is looking into the church again. She will still take some time for baptism, but Elder Jackman gave her some talks about how prophets and apostles are chosen (that was one of her big questions) and she gets that now and wants to know more about Joseph Smith and why he was called to be the prophet! So that is really exciting. She had surgery on her neck this past week, and we gave her and Sebastian priesthood blessings as well. Unfortunately, her surgery didn't go to well and they had to stop halfway through due to her blood pressure dropping so low. Her neck was way swollen so the surgeons tried going through her shoulder and hit the jugular vein, so they couldn't finish the surgery. They didn't come to church this week unfortunately but they are still making big progress. Another miracle was Brother Warthen asked how old Sebastian had to be to be baptized. When we said 8, he and Ginger immediately said we should start teaching him lessons. They asked Sebastian if that's what he wants and he said yes! It's awesome to see the progress that whole family has been making! I love them so much! You will have to meet them when we visit the mission after I get home. They are the coolest family ever. Seriously. You guys will love them.  Our other less-actives are interesting right now. Bro Fuller came to church again. He's sweet and doing really well. But other than him, a lot of the less-actives we have been teaching seem to be getting stagnant and not really progressing. We will have to figure that out. Because if people don't progress, you have to be bold with them so they do progress or you stop going over there. Time is short and we are out to find the elect. Also had my second to last zone conference this last week. What's even crazier is that it was President and Sister Wirthlin's last zone conference and probably the last time I will see them on the mission. They go home July 2nd, in 11 days! Crazy! I'm going to miss them so much. They are so awesome. Best mission president and wife I could have asked for the majority of my mission. But I have heard good things about President and Sister Rogers, and it will be interesting to see what changes they make to the mission. The zone conference was really good. We focused a lot on the restored teaching method (how to teach PMG) and how there are various applications (how we teach the gospel and the restored teaching method) for the same principles of the gospel. It was really good and really helped me see how much we can adapt our teaching to the needs of those we serve. Which I've learned is crucial to helping people have spiritual experiences. There are so many different gospel truths you can teach and ways you can teach them using the pictures of the restoration pamphlet and the other missionary pamphlets of the church. We practiced with the restoration pamphlet. So it was a really good zone conference. We also had some interesting experiences this week trying a lot of people to build up the teaching pool! We met quite a few former investigators this week. Erin was one of them. She's...interesting. We went over there on saturday to introduce ourselves, and she said she was open to being taught. So yesterday we went over there to teach her the restoration. Boy what an experience that was. She just said the weirdest things and I felt like she wasn't even listening to what we were saying. When I asked her what a prophet was, she went off on some tangent about how its the energy between the mother and child when the mother gives birth and the energy of the community and social interactions that make it a positive experience (or something like that). I was flabbergasted. I honestly had no idea what to say when she said that. She went of on that tangent and all other sorts of things. We probably won't go back. We also visited another former named linda who is a die hard catholic, but is open to learning about the church. I don't get why she says she is die hard catholic though. She doesn't go to church, probably doesn't read the bible, and all that stuff. I don't know if I have told you this before, but people are generally weird in New York. But I love them. Anyways, love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Richins

 Dad I am so sorry, but happy belated father's day! Thanks for being the best dad ever. Yeah the bolts sound like they looked good though and will be good for quite some time. 

Fishing is sweet. Haha.  Fishing is awesome, I miss it and can't wait to fish with you again. But speaking of fishing, This week the Warthens are taking us up to fly fish on the salmon river in pulaski. They are good friends with a world renowned fly fisherman who is a guide and a millionaire. Ginger says she has never seen someone fish without one being huge. They own property that they let him fish on and vice versa, and he also owns property in alaska. Were going to fish the part of the river were the salmon spawn. It isn't salmon season, but ginger said the guide caught a 40 pound trout the other day. She said we would get huge fish, at least 15 to 20 pounds if not bigger. And that he will provide the gear and teach us the tricks and get us catching those big ones in no time. And then for dinner he will fillet them and we will have a good old time. They already set it up with skeeter (that's the guides name) and everything. He has security on his property to, so it will be just us on the river. It will be nice. I'll send you pictures of what we catch! Love you dad. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario

Another Snapping Turtle!

Hey Everyone!

This week was great! Elder Jackman and I are seeing quite a bit of success! And we had a really fun week too! You've got to work hard and have fun! We are still working with the Warthen family. They are so sick! They might be my favorite family I've ever worked with y mission. And I love a lot of the people and families I've been able to meet on my mission whether they are investigator, part-member, active member, or less-active member families! But they just make us feel at home. They are really funny too! Bro Warthen and Sebastian are really into sports, so I've bonded with them. They have us over everyday. And we get to teach them, they will feed us, and we will play sports with them, and just have a good old time! I'm going to miss them so much when I leave here. They are so sweet. I've even managed to convince Sebastian to start following hockey, and his favorite hockey team is now the lightning. Go Bolts! I will have to tell you about all the good times I had at the Warthens house when I get back home. In addition to the Warthens, many other people we are working with are doing really well! Bro. Fuller came to church for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, and Sis. Hufnagle came to church for the first time yesterday, so that was good. Getting people to church is so important for conversion. I didn't really realize that too much before my mission, but if you stop going to church, you lose so much of the spiritual blessings we need in life. I've seen people who have stopped going to church for years, and they don't even really remember who Joseph Smith is. They may remember the name, but that's about it. Not his role as the prophet of the restoration. We also had another miracle by being able to visit with Sis. Hayes this week. Another less-active who hasn't been to church since she moved into the Fulton Ward about a year ago. But she's way sweet. She was so nice, and she reads her scriptures and prays. She even watched general conference and reads the ensign magazines. She just needs to come to church, and she even knows that. But it will come in time! We also got to visit Porkie again this week. They actually cook really well. We had an amazing dinner over there this week. Beef tips with rice and the sauce they marinated the beef in was amazing. So we put that over the rice and it was so good. I love Porkie too! He is so funny. He just cracks jokes all the time . He's so funny! We also got to go to red robin for Elder Jackmans, Ward and McCormies year mark! So that was really fun! We also have seen some of the members getting more involved in missionary work, which has been good. Elder Jackman and I have made that a focus to get members more involved in the work here. And we have had a few members voluntarily offer to come out teaching with us and want to have us over for dinner, which is exciting. As they get more involved, the work will hasten even more! Love you all and have a great week!!

Elder Richins

Monday, June 8, 2015

Stick to the Task and Finish Strong!

Hey everyone!!

This week has been great!! So first off for the questions. Yes mom - I am working hard. Stick to the task and finish strong! This week was kind off slow actually, but there are a lot of good things still happening in the area! It's beautiful up here. The leaves and all the foliage have all completely blossomed! It's sweet. So Josh is doing well. We didn't get to meet with him this week because he was super busy with all of his shows, and he called us yesterday to inform us he got signed to a record in Los Angeles and they are flying him out tomorrow. I'm going to miss that kid so much! But he will be out in Utah in December, so I will see him soon! But seriously, he's one of the coolest people I have taught. So know he doesn't know when he will get baptized and if it will be in LA or utah or not, but I'm going to keep in touch with him and if he does end up getting baptized in Utah I will let you know! So he's doing really well. Our other investigator kyle we finally were able to meet in person this week. We have been teaching him over facebook for a long time, but due to miles we were never able to get out there, but we actually met him in person this week and he is pretty solid and has a lot more desire than I was expecting him to. So we are excited about that. He still hasn't come to church though, so we still need to figure that out. We also had to drop Lisa's baptismal date. We haven't been able to see her at all. But Sister Whitley will be in touch with her and when she comes around we will start teaching her again. Marty and Eve we weren't able to see either because one of their family members was always sick this week. But they and kyle have potential. The less-active work is unreal here though. Brother Warthen and the kids all came to church again this week. Bro Warthen even bore his testimony. I love that family. I think they are the coolest family I've taught on my mission! They are so funny! I love working with them. It's been amazing to see that they have been making progress though! They had been meeting with missionaries for a long time when I got here, so I didn't know if they would start coming to church, but we were persistent and something ticked and now they are coming. Sister Green and Brother Fuller are both doing well. Sister Green made it to church, but brother fuller didn't because he was sick. But he is still very interested in the gospel and should be there this upcoming sunday! The coolest experiences I had this week were meeting two people out in the boonies of our area! One was an active member, Sister Orr. Elder Jackman and I wanted to stop by to ask her about someone in our records that used to be taught by the missionaries who had a baptismal date and everything. But going to Sister Orr's would be backtracking, and more miles, and we really thought for a minute about whether we wanted to go or not. We ended up deciding to go for it, and we visited with her for quite awhile. She hadn't been to church in 6 weeks or so because she is really struggling financially and can barely get by, so she's taking any job she can. She used to be financially set to. But the cool thing was Elder Jackman and his family went through a very similar circumstance when he was growing up. (They had a business and were doing really well and all of the sudden were in some financial trouble), so I thought it was really cool how well he could relate to her. And then we talked to her about going to church even if it meant sacrificing a job or so. And she looked at us and said she was so glad we stopped by to visit her, and she was at church on Sunday! I just knew that that wasn't coincidence. Elder Jackman being able to relate to sister orr like that. It's cool to see how the lord calls missionaries to bless not only the investigators, but the members in an area as well. After that, we went to our other appointment we had with Bro Brooks who is nicknamed porkie! He is so funny! It's going to take some time to get him interested in coming to church. He loves family history but that's about it. And he thinks he's too old for change. So we need to help him understand the atonement better! But he is so funny! He was cracking all sorts of jokes. But he actually makes pork rhines which is how he got the nickname porkie. And they aren't that bad! Love you all and have a great week!!

New Companion...Elder Jackman!

Hey Everyone!!
This week was great! My new companion Elder Jackman is sweet! He played football, wrestled, and power lifted in high school, and got a state championship in power lifting and his team took state in wrestling. He also is neighbors with the krugers, so he got to wear Paul Kruger's super bowl ring! He's really fun and cool! He also served in Schoharie, so we have talked quite a bit about that and the members and people there. We both loved Schoharie, because Schoharie is the place!  We are going to see a lot of good things happen this transfer here though! This week was pretty good. I'll start off with the interesting facts. Josh told us that a decade ago or so Fulton had the highest incest rate in the nation so yeah there is your interesting fact. Fulton is a very interesting place. It also used to have a huge Nestle factory, but now it's just run down abandoned buildings. This week was great though. We are teaching a lot of cool people here in Fulton. I've already talked a lot about Josh, who I will inform you as soon as I find out exactly when and where his baptism will be. But he's sweet. He still just soaks everything in about the gospel and is so solid! And he will be in Utah this December, so Me and him already talked about partying a bit before I go off to college. The Warthens are another sweet family. Brother Warthen, Ana, and Sebastian all came to church this week!! It was so sweet. And Brother Warthen really enjoyed it and hopes to be back more often! Brother Fuller, another less-active we are working with, came to church for the second week in a row! Josh, Bro Fuller, and the Warthens are my 3 favorite people/families we are teaching right now. We taught Brother Fuller the plan of salvation this week and about the Godhead. The lessons went really well and the spirit was there. Unfortunately he can't really remember anything we teach him. But he definitely has the desire, and that's all that matters. I learned that from Hector in Owego. As long as the desire to do what's right is there, they will be able to gain a testimony and remember the spirit they felt and the truthfulness of what they taught. So we are going to keep working with him. Bro. Fuller must have been less-active pretty quickly after he was baptized though, because he doesn't have the priesthood, and he was baptized when he was 10. But we are going to get him there! He's sweet. The Warthens are doing well. We visited them almost everyday this week, even if we didn't necessarily teach them. But people have to know how much you care about them to. It was funny because Bro Warthen would jokingly tell us how it's his week off and he needed a break. We shared a mormon message on Tyler Haws on how he became a good basketball player, which they really related to because they love sports. The video talks about how important hard work is, and we related that to the gospel and how it's hard to get into those habits of living the gospel, but it's worth it. I also asked Bro Warthen about his conversion since he was baptized about 3 years ago and it was really cool. As he told me about it, he admitted he needs to start coming to church again and not wait for Ginger (his nonmember wife) before he starts coming again. I also mentioned to them that I was talking in sacrament meeting. Haha I don't know if that guilt trip was what worked or not but they where there. They are so sweet and I love them! Ginger is the one who makes delicious food like bacon wrapped asparagus. We also had some interesting lessons this week as well. In addition to Josh, the Warthens, and Bro Fuller, there are some less-actives and people we work with who are...just out there. We visited Sister Stout the other day with a member Bro Stacy, and that was interesting. They just hit it off with each other because they both talk to animals. It was quite odd. Elder Jackman hated it. I was just trying to hold in my laughter due to the absurdity of the scene! But yeah. We are working as hard as we can. Elder Jackman sprained his ankle pretty good, but other than that everything is going well in good old New York! Love you all so much! Have a great week!

Got to see some old friends!!!

Pictures!!! June 2015

Messing at the zoo!

My District!

Dinner with Josh and 
Sister Reidy!

18 Months!!!

Cool Sign!
Elder Jackman is an awesome cook!

Me and Josh!

Transfers May 25th 2015

Hey everyone!

So transfer calls was last Saturday, and I am so stoked for this upcoming transfer. Elder Ward is going to Fayetteville and I will be joined by Elder Jackman. Elder Jackman is coming here from Schoharie!!!! So that's way exciting! I am pumped to work with him. Elder Wilcox is going home and Sister Kastigar is leaving as well. Elder Gardener will be the new district leader. He will join Elder Purdy in Pulaski. Elder Gardener was in my district when I was in Schoharie, so I am really stoked for this upcoming transfer. 

So this week was pretty good. We've been working hard and seeing a lot of success from our efforts. The lord has been blessing us so much and has put miracles into our lives. We had some really cool and some interesting experiences this week as well! So first off Josh is doing great. He doesn't know exactly where or when his baptism will be. Right now his date is July 11th, but he knows that it will be sometime in early July. I will let you guys know as soon as possible where and when so you can all go to it! We taught him about studying the scriptures and tithing this week, and he just keeps soaking everything about he gospel in! One of his lessons was when the Reidy's (active members), had us and him over for dinner! Sister Reidy is a Dang good cook! She made apple rhubarb pie for desert, and it was amazing!! Josh is just a stud though. We had gotten permission from President Wirthlin to go to one of his concerts, and we went this week. He's a pretty good musician. And he's being really smart with his career. I know he's going on tour right after he gets baptized. The Warthens are another sweet family that we are teaching. They are a less-active, part member family. Ginger made us and the sisters dinner this week. It was amazing. We went over early and played basketball with Sebastian for a few minutes before. But it was a feast. Ginger is from the South, and makes really good barbecue. Best ribs I've ever had, amazing chicken, asparagus wrapped in bacon (which was way good), corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, green beans, chili beans. It was so good! They are so fun though. They know all about missionaries and try to make us feel like their house is a home away from home! They are so fun! They were on the do not contact list a year ago to, so it has been great to see how far they have come. They will be coming to church soon, and Sebastian (kid who's 9) knows he needs to be baptized! We also got to go watch the Fulton memorial day parade with them which was fun. We also are seeing great progress in a few other people we are teaching! Sister Murrell came to church for the second time! We watched Joseph Smith the Prophet of the Restoration with her. We had to watch it in two separate lessons because she had an asma attack at the end of the first one! But she's alright! Brother Fuller, another less-active came to church as well. He is really cool and funny. After taking the sacrament bread he looked over to me and was like "mmm breakfast!" Haha I had a good chuckle over that. But he is really looking to regain his faith and he enjoyed church so I am very excited to keep working with him. We also have been working with Sister Hufnagle, another less-active who like Brother Fuller is looking to regain her faith. She didn't make it to church this week, but she has been reading the book of mormon a lot, so I'm excited to see what is going to happen with her. We also got to teach Lisa again this week. We were having a really good lesson on the plan of salvation with her when her husband walked in and as soon as he did, the spirit left the room. She is our other investigator with a baptismal date. We also found a new investigator this week named Coleen, who has been taught by the missionaries before and she (according to a member co worker) was really interested and didn't know why she stopped investigating. Actually it was way cool because we were just going through our phone calling and texting people and she replied to our text saying she would love to meet with us and she had some family that would to! It was sweet! Evee and Marty got were really busy the first part of the week, and have been really sick recently, but we should be able to meet with them this week! Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week and a great time at the cabin! 


Elder Tyler Richins

PS You know what's really weird. I've already hit my Sister mission, and President and Sister Wirthlin go home this upcoming transfer. Man I will miss them so much! They are the best. But President and Sister Rogers seem cool

 Ginger is from the South, and makes really good barbecue. 

Best ribs I've ever had, 
amazing chicken, asparagus 
wrapped in bacon
 (which was way good), 
corn on the cob, 
mashed potatoes, 
green beans, chili beans. 

It was so good!