Monday, May 4, 2015

May 4, 2015 Fulton

Palias Family will  make us curry!!!

Bruno's and Knudsen's in Owego!!

Funnest investigator EVER!

Alan in Pulaski

This week was very interesting. I now have more of a feel for Fulton. It is quite the place. First off, every monday we have dinner and play games with Sister Whitley, a really old lady in the ward. Like seriously. She asked me the very first monday here what my favorite game was, and I told her that it was phase 10. So last monday (my second one here) we went over for dinner, and afterwards she took out phase 10 dice. We play games with her every week. Being my competitive self, I told her that there was no way she was going to beat me. But she would always say she would win, and would quote her favorite scripture to prove her point. "I can do all things through christ which strengtheneth me." Philippians 4:13. I thought it was hilarious. Totally using the scripture to prove her point she could win the game. Unfortunately, she did win, and quoted the scripture even louder after we found out that she had been the victor. But Fulton is quite the area. It reminds me a lot of Scotia. Like Scotia, and Unlike Schoharie, Owego, and Pulaski, Fulton is Urban. It isn't a giant city, but it is definitely decent sized. It's like serving in murray or taylorsville. While Schoharie, Owego, and Pulaksi where like covering mt pleasant, fairview, and a few other small towns. So there are lots of people to work with. Josh is definitely our most solid investigator. He will be baptized in July out in Utah with all of his fellowshippers. He's so sweet. And really good with music too. He wants to have his own studio in Utah, and I think he will be a success. But he's sweet. He really loves the gospel and has seen the happiness it can bring. However, he has his fair amount of challenges as well. He didn't inform his parents, and his mom (who he knew wouldn't be too happy about it) found out by seeing him with elder ward and elder wilcox. So that definitely wasn't the best way for her to find out. And his mom is against the church and is really sad and bitter about it. And he still has a lot of people who don't know about his recent conversion. But he knows it is true. I love working with him. He's way fun too. I wasn't there when his mom found out though because I got to go on exchange with Elder Purdy in Pulaski! Man I miss that place. The ward works so well there when it comes to missionary work, and they have so much people they are teaching. Unfortunately Elder Purdy has been really sick, so I had to stay in the apartment all the time except to see Alan again. He's the man! But just going back there and seeing people fishing on the river. But I know I am here in Fulton for a reason. The Lord is in charge and there are people here for me to serve and for God to touch. But maybe when I'm released and we tour the mission, Dad and I can get a guide and fish for some salmon. The fishing is huge there!  Other than Josh, we have three other investigators. Taylor, Kyle, and Marty. Taylor we might have to stop teaching soon. She never answers the phone and told us to call her before we knock on the door. I've only taught her once on Facebook. Kyle is cool. His parents don't want the missionaries at their house, so we meet with him on facebook as well. Elder Ward hasn't ever met him in person, so we are going to try to figure that one out. This week we thought he might not be interested anymore because he was hard to get in contact with for awhile, but we had a really good lesson on the book of mormon with him! He said he would start reading it again. Marty is really cool. He's catholic, but he never goes to church. And his girlfriend is a less-active member who just lost her job. But she's looking at it positively. She said "now I can just focus on being a mom, and I can go to church on sunday." And she was. So they are going to be sweet working with. He will get baptized and she will be activated. So I'm way excited for that. We also have the Jenney-Krouse family. They are interesting. They are a less-active family who just started coming back as soon as I got here. But they have some challenges. But the great thing about the gospel is that it helps us overcome any challenge we may face in life. We have some other less-actives and part-member families that we will hopefully start meeting with soon. We also met this less-active guy named Rick who was very interesting. Told us he wasn't at all interested in the gospel, but he told us he knows for certain there is life after death, and told us how after his brother committed suicide he came and talked to him and some other relatives in their dreams. Haha. Anyways. This transfer will definitely be a challenge, but I'm ready to rise to it and see great things happen! Love you all back home! Take care and have a great week. Talk to you soon! 

Elder Richins

We met with a less-active this week, Sister Capozzi. She's interesting. She goes to the methodist church. She says she joined out west because the mormon church was the only church out there that she liked. But she doesn't really see a difference between the mormon church and the church she is attending. Luckily, she is very friendly, and we will go back and start visiting with her. As she has spiritual experiences, she will want to come back. Also we volunteer to help people with family history at the library the last thursday of every month. They and Elder Ward had a great time, but I still don't get how family history is so exciting. Maybe one day I will. 

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