Monday, May 18, 2015

Syracuse Zoo

How many elders can fit on one tiger?

syracuse zoo

Hey everyone,

So this week went pretty well. There are the ups and downs of course. One good thing about this week though is all the miracles we were able to see. Elder Ward and I were able to teach a lot this week. Josh is still doing well. He had some concerts this week out of the state, so we didn't see him as often as we do usually in a regular week, but we did get to see him yesterday (he came to stake conference) and we met with him last night to teach him as well! So that was good! He's doing really well. He's sweet! We also taught Lisa again this week. She's really cool. I can't remember if I told you about her already or not, but she met with the missionaries before, and was doing well and just dropped off the face of the earth for a little bit, and we got back in contact with her and are teaching her again. She has a baptismal date set for July 18th I believe, and those are our 2 investigators with a baptismal date. Both of them are so sweet. We also got to meet with a lot of sweet less-active and part member families this week. We got to meet with Evee and Marty. Marty is the one who has met a ton of nhl players. They had us over for lunch and we read the book of mormon with them. They are so cool. We talked a lot about fishing and hockey during lunch. Haha. They are sweet. We also had a cool experience with Amanda and her family. We went over and visited with them, and Amanda admitted she was baptized basically because that's what her friend did. She sat in on the lessons with her friend in Pulaski and got baptized with her. So when we asked, she admitted that she didn't have a testimony of the restoration, but she does believe in God. We asked her if she would like a testimony of the gospel, and she said yes! We promised her that our goal was to help her gain a testimony by having spiritual experiences with her. Her Husband isn't a member and didn't seem to interested when we came over. He didn't mind us being there, but he said he isn't very religious. Hopefully as she learns and progresses his heart will be softened as well. We also had an interesting lesson with another less-active who is returning named sister green. She started coming back to church as soon as I got here. She said she didn't understand and have a testimony the JST or why the bible wasn't fine just the way it was originally. So we reviewed the apostasy with her and read 1 Nephi 13 and talked about the plain and precious truths being taken out and how it was needed. She said it made sense, but she seemed pissed when we were done. But we answered her question and that's what is important. We also taught sister hufnagle a few times. She is another less-active who is ready to come back to church. She just needs a ride. But she read a little bit of the book of mormon on her own time in between our two visits this week. We also teach the jenney-kraus family. They are interesting. I will just have to tell you about them in person! We also went to the Warthens birthday party. That was sweet. The Warthens are way cool and funny! They are another one of my favorite families. They are sweet! We also got to go to the syracuse zoo today. So that was fun! Anyways love you all and hope you have a great week!

Elder Richins

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