Thursday, April 16, 2015

Off to Pulaski!!!!!

 First off, transfer calls came this week, and after 4 transfers in Owego (2 with elder ricks and 2 with elder kunzler) I will be going up to Pulaski tomorrow! I am so excited for this new adventure. Pulaski is north of Syracuse right on lake ontario, and everyone has been telling me one thing since I've gotten the call. Salmon Fishing is huge up there. I am so stoked! I can't wait to get up there and see that! Maybe some members up there will have some fresh salmon we can eat!!! It's supposed to be really pretty up there. I'm going to be serving in a trio with Elder Wilcox and Elder Purdy! It's going to be so much fun! I've heard serving in a trio is way fun! I can't wait. But like always, it's sad to leave an area with all the people you've come to love and develop friendships with. Geri, Mike, Esther, Hector, Stacey, and Valorie. I am going to miss the people here so much! I'm really going to miss elder kunzler to. I've learned a lot from him and we have had so much fun together. He, Elder Ricks, and Elder Jepsen have all been really sweet because of how hard we worked, but we also had so much fun while we did it, which is what you have to do in life! I've also learned a lot from being the district leader these last two transfers and I've really grown! But It's going to be sweet up in Pulaski. This will be the farthest north I have been in the mission so far! So this week was good. Elder Kunzler and I saw a lot of miracles. Esther is still doing well, but she didn't come to church again. But she will be active soon. I know it. She was really sad that I was leaving to. She's hoping I get transferred back before I come home (even though I don't), and she said she would love to meet all of you guys when we come back and visit the mission!  The Palias also said they would love to meet all of us and feed us authentic Indian Curry when we visit!! Hector is doing pretty well. He's poor though and he's really worried about paying tithing, but he agreed to meeting with Bishop Demming and talk about his finances so he would be able to make it by. The Bruno's are doing well. I love those kids! I'm going to miss them so much! Elder Kunzler and I had crapes with them and the knudsens for lunch yesterday. Man, I'm going to miss the knudsens a lot to! We also saw quite a few miracles finding people this week. Elder Kunzler and I have worked really hard, doing everything we can to try to build the teaching pool, and we saw some pretty cool miracles happen this week! We had fifteen minutes before a dinner appointment with the Roglers (who fed us delicious deep dish pizza! It was so good)! We decided to tract for that time before and the first door we knocked on was the door of Jennifer, who said she was having some questions about her religion and had heard some weird things about the mormons which she laughed about and said sounded pretty absurd! But she said it wasn't a coincidence that we knocked on her door because she was seeking for answers at that time in her life! It was so cool. We also knocked on another door of a lady named Anne, who let us right in and told us how she believes  that God and Jesus Christ are seperate distinct beings (Godhead) rather than the trinity. And she asked her pastor about it and he couldn't answer. It's not everyday you find that type of person. We also were able to get in contact with Jeffrey this week, a sweet less-active who is totally cool with us coming over. And we taught Dave, another less-active member who is way cool and chill about meeting with us. We taught him about the atonement, and he really seemed to open up to us at the end of the lesson. It will be cool to see where Dave and Jeffrey go. (By the way, in Upstate New York, there are a ton of less-active members, and a lot of them have moved or whatever and their addresses aren't even correct on the ward roster. So we do a lot of work not only with teaching the less-actives and getting them to re-activation and conversion, but we also do a lot of fixing up and updating the ward rosters). Valorie is still doing...well I think she will accept the gospel someday, but she's got aways. We had dinner with her, Hector, and the Jolley's yesterday and a quick lesson which went really well, but she seems to have one really good lesson and then a bad one and it just keeps on going! But I hope she will get there someday! But like Scotia and Schoharie, I've seen miracles here in Owego. Lives have changed because of the gospel of Jesus Christ. I've loved working with all the awesome people here. I can't wait for the adventures and experiences awaiting me in Pulaski. I am praying for salmon fishing on a preparation day! Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Richins
Meet the Mormons Movie Night!

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