Sunday, April 26, 2015

Good Bye Pulaski...Hello Fulton!

So said my goodbyes in Owego. Man I'm missing the people there a bit. It always happens when you leaven an area, because you have served them and grown so close to them. But I'm excited to move forward and see what wonderful
things are in store for me these upcoming months.So Pulaski is sweet. I've never taught on my mission as much as I have taught here in Pulaski! We have a few sweet investigators and a ton of less-active members we are working with.
 I think we had 4 people we were teaching come to church this week. So that was awesome. The ward is awesome to. Great member support. By the way, that picture was taken by addie kerr, the daughter of brother kerr, our ward mission leader,
 who is a boss to. He had Elders Wilcox, Purdy and I out for dinner at stefano's before splits (where a missionary goes with a member so we can get more teaching appointments in). We had pizza and wings, which are really good here. I love teaching Alan to. He's one
of our investigators and he is so freaking funny. He has a bell that he rings whenever he really gets excited or feels the spirit in a lesson. He's schizophrenic though and all over the place! But his comments are so funny and random it's
been sweet Teaching him. I'm going to miss him, which leads me to another thing that was a bit stressful about this week. I will not be serving in Pulaski the remainder of this transfer. I One of the elders in the zone had to go home early
due to medical reasons, and since I was in a trio, yesterday I got the call and was emergency transferred to Fulton! So that's where I will be at, not pulaski, which by the way, is one of the best salmon fisheries in the world. Darn. But
oh well. Everything works out and I know I am meant to be here in Fulton because the lord is in charge of this work. There are people here that I can touch. And so I'm serving with Elder Ward, from layton utah. He's really nice and
seems sweet, but he's been sick and so yesterday I pretty much cleaned up the apartment, put names in my GPS again. That was dumb. I just got done saving everyone for Pulaski in and now I've got to do it again. And my GPS isn't
charging when I plug it in, so I have to figure out how to fix it. So the emergency transfer and the gps being dumb isn't helping either.  So yeah. Pulaski was sweet, I would have loved to have served there a bit longer than the 6 days I
was there, but like I said the lord has a different plan for me and I've just got to roll with it! But yeah so hopefully this week without being emergency transferred (knock on wood) getting the gps fixed and doing work, and meeting everyone
here in Fulton, I'll be able to tell you guys a bit more this upcoming week about Elder Ward since I'll actually know him a bit (we became companions yesterday) and the area.
Love you all back home and hope you have an amazing week!

Elder Richins

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