Sunday, February 22, 2015

Listen to the Bishop!

This week has been great. It is crazy how time flies. I've heard utah and idaho and the whole west coast is having really mild weather. It's freezing up here. The last few days, we have had freezing temperatures, with the windchill making it feel between -20 and -35 degrees. President has asked us that we stay inside if it gets that cold unless we go to a set appointment. Sounds like you guys are really enjoying life back home though! And missionary life with Elder Kunzler is still great! We keep seeing miracles. This week, we set our investigator Geri with a baptismal date. We were told by her less-active friend that we had to be careful not to scare her off and not push too hard, because she felt that was happening and didn't want Geri to stop investigating. So we asked her how she felt about what we have taught her, and she said she felt that it was true. So we then said we would like to work towards a goal when she felt she could get baptized, and she chose April 18th. And we explained how if needed, we come move it up or back depending on how things go. It's been really awesome teaching her though. She's really solid and I definitely know that we were led to her, and her less-active friend as well. She is on fire to and is totally getting involved in the gospel again. It's been sweet! Hector came to church again, so that's two weeks in a row. He's doing really well and is progressing well. I gave him some of my hot chocolate to him in exchange for his coffee, so he's living the word of wisdom now to! Haha. We had a really funny moment teaching hector too. We taught him the ten commandments. After talking about not taking the lord's name in vain, we moved on to teach him about honoring the father and mother. I asked him how he and his siblings got along as they honored their parents, and he said "Pretty dam* well!" Haha it was so funny! We also had a crazy adventure with Brother Story this week. Haha Get ready. Brother Story is an 82 year old man, who we were advised to not take out teaching with us when the weather is bad. The bishop expressed his concern on that. But we had an appointment set up this week with a less-active member that was a single female, so we needed another male, and no one else could come. And it wasn't snowing, so we thought it was fine and called him up. He has a heart of gold, so we called him and he came. The drive there was fine. No problems at all. But it was a good 20 minute drive, the appointment was at 5:30. So when we got out of the appointment, it was dark and snowing...hard. And brother story's eyesight is not what it used to be. So we drove home. Nothing bad happened. We thought that we could take brother story out for dinner though, since he is divorced and didn't have any plans for valentine's day. So we drive to Owego from newark valley, another 20 minute drive. It's still snowing and it's dark outside. Brother Story hit's a chunk of ice that sounded like it got stuck in the muffler or something. He started to drive off the road, and I told him to be careful and to get back on the road. He didn't say anything, but soon after looked at me and said "Pardon?". He didn't hear me due to his lack of hearing. So I said oh never mind, it doesn't matter. We get to the restaurant, Calaboose grill. Turns out they had a special valentines day menu that was twice as expensive as the normal one. So shortly after being seated at the restaurant, we told them we had to leave, and the manager tried so hard to get us to stay. But we couldn't because of how expensive it was. So on our way back to the car, Bro Story falls down. I felt so bad. But he insisted he was fine! So we went to Arby's. I said "Phew, we made it we are safe." Right after I said that, Brother story starts pulling in to Arbys (left turn) and I guess he just didn't see the oncoming car 20 feet away, so Elder Kunzler and I yell and he barely swerves out of the way just in time. After all that, Elder Kunzler said the bishop would be so mad if he found out. Brother Story replied "Well don't tell bishop!" Haha we laughed really hard. So the two things I took out of that were always listen to the bishop. We had a few close calls that night. And the second is that I still think valentine's day is overrated. Thanks for all that you do back home. Love you all. Have a great week!

Elder Richins

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