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January 26, 2015


Well this week has been great! It's been mild back home huh? It's still cold here. It's been around 20 degrees as the high almost every day the last couple of weeks, other than a few days ago when it was 36. But that day felt really warm. Haha.  Well, some fun facts about Owego. We are near where the company IBM started. It's a very rural area like Schoharie. The nerf wars are sweet. We have so much fun doing them. We didn't do one today though since it was a mission wide "de-junk day." Get rid of all the excess crap that has accumulated in the apartments over the past year or so. Glad to hear the family is doing well back home and is being blessed. Glad to hear you are still enjoying school mom. I have done some cooking for myself. I usually make burritos or sandwiches. I've also made chicken potato bowls and frozen pizza and such. Haha. Life is good though, this week was awesome. Elder Kunzler and I are having a blast. We are seeing so many miracles. He got here Wednesday, and he has met most of our investigators now, and he's way excited because a lot of them are close to baptism. We had a really cool experience with our investigator Carolyn. She's the one who believes in relativism and "doesn't want us to convert her." Elder Ricks and I taught her part of the restoration, and then had to go. But as Elder Kunzler and I visitied with her again, it was amazing to see how much she has changed. She finished reading the restoration pamphlet that we left with her, and you could tell the spirit touched her. She is now open to the idea that there is one true path for her, rather than her former relativistic "The religion that feels right for you is the truth to you." It was cool. We also visited with Gerri and Mike again. They are both going to get baptized. We just need to help them set dates and overcome their little concerns, but they are both on their way. We also picked up a new investigator named Hector who we set with a baptismal date. He's so funny. He's going to turn 80 in a few months, so when we invited him to be baptized he said "sure, if I'm still here." Haha. It was great. He also gave us cool eagle statues. Mine is now sitting on my study desk. We also had the bring a friend activity this week. Each month one of the quorums/auxilaries of the Owego ward is in charge of it, and everyone tries to come and invite their friends to do something fun at the church and introduce them to the missionaries. This month we had a sports/game night. I played basketball with some of the members and one of the sisters investigators. It was really fun to do that. Then afterwards we played a game called "battle of the sexes." It's men vs. women, and you have trivia cards to see who "is the superior gender." So the girls often get questions related to sports and outdoor activities and men stuff, and men get questions relating to baking and sewing. Also asks questions about famous male or female celebrities and stuff. So that was fun. We also visited Josh again. He's going to come around someday. Elder Kunzler, Elder Ricks, and I all can tell he knows the gospel is true, but is claiming to be atheist. We just need to figure out what his concern his. He loves to roller skate, and challenged me to play roller hockey one on one on a Monday. I told him if I won he would have to come to church. When I told him and his wife I play hockey, josh's wife turned to him and said "I don't know, it's kind of a risky bet." Haha. We also had dinner yesterday with the Corwins, who just got back from Hawaii. Desert was fresh pineapple they brought home with them! It was so good. Best pineapple I have ever had in my life!! And tonight we are going to the Palia's to have that curry!!! :D Love you all. Have a great week.

Elder Richins

My District!

Me and the Jolleys!!

Brother Palia

Brother Cox caught a squirrel this week!

Me and Valorie

Elder Ricks, Logan and Me with batman pjs!

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