Sunday, February 1, 2015

January 19, 2015

Mom and Dad,

I did get the package with the tie. Thank you so much. No we haven't had the curry yet, but I can't wait. I'll let you know when I do. And this member from India is sweet. He's so willing to help us out as missionaries. Man, I miss chick-fil-a, and today is a normal preparation day. Something interesting about my area. Well the natives call Newark Valley "Nerk Valley". That's entertaining. Give me a week to think on it. We got on late today and I only have a half hour to email today because we just finished an epic nerf war. Haha. This week was great though. The work is still progressing, and some exciting things are happening. We got transfer calls last saturday. Elder Ricks will be going to Liverpool, which is up by Syracuse. I'm going to miss serving with that kid. Him and Elder Jepsen two great companions from utah that I'll keep in touch with. But I am excited because I will be serving with Elder Kunzler. He is so sweet. He's been in the same zone as me twice, and I can't wait. He like Elders Jepsen and Ricks knows how to have fun and work hard. Which is awesome. The work is really picking up here though. Mike is progressing. We still haven't gotten him to come to church yet, but I'm not giving up on him yet. We did find out his wife is buddist, so I would really love to teach her. I've heard from other missionaries teaching buddhists is fun, and I haven't taught one yet, so it would be cool. We also picked up a few new investigators this week. One was really interesting. She believes in relativism. The idea that whatever religion feels right to you is the truth for you. She also asked us if we were going to try to convert her. I though "well we aren't, the spirit is." Haha. We also picked up another sweet investigator named Gerry. She is really good friends with some less-active members in the ward who actually told her about us after we first helped her move her couch into her home. She said we could stop by, and before we went over and taught her, her good less-active friend talked to her about the Book of Mormon and answered questions about our church. It was sweet. Members are so important to missionary work. Our investigator steve, who already knows everything about the gospel and even deep doctrine went to the hospital with a blood clot on his lung. It was a blessing in disguise because know he has quit smoking and that was the barrier that prevented him for the last few years from getting baptized. So he should be doing that soon. We also picked up another investigator this week who hasn't gone to church in 20 plus years, but has a belief in god and definitely felt the spirit when we came over and taught him the restoration. The great thing I've realized recently is you never know the good you do. You teach a lot of investigators and less-actives, and only a handful of them are baptized or reactivated. But you influence their lives for good even if they don't. They might end up making a habit of praying every day because of your visits, or reading from the scriptures, and who knows, the fruit of our efforts might never be known in this life. Well I love you all. I hope you have a fanastic week. Hope everything is going well back home. Can't believe I've already been out 14 months. Time flies. 

Elder Richins.

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