Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 9 2015

Hey everyone,
This week has been great. It's still cold and snowy here. We have probably gotten about 20 inches of snow or more this last week. But the work is continuing to hasten. We haven't seen mike recently due to him being on vacation up in England. He's hopefully still enjoying himself though. We are seeing miracles though with our investigators Geri and Hector are doing super well. Hector came to church this week and loved it. He is the one who is turning 80 next month and is scheduled for baptism on March 28th. We see him quite a bit each week with the restored teaching method and the short frequent lessons. It's been amazing to see him just open up though. When we first started teaching him, he was pretty quiet and just listened. But now we crack jokes with each other, and just have a blast whenever we visit with each other. He said after church he wants to keep coming if he can, and he's committed to live the word of wisdom as well, which is awesome! I'm so excited for him. He said that since he has started meeting with us, he feels like he has begun climbing up a ladder. And he has. I can definitely see the change that has come to him. He seems a lot happier than when we first started meeting with him. We also got to meet with Geri a couple of times this week, which was awesome. Geri is super solid but was really sick last week, so it was great to be able to get back in contact with her this week. She and one of the less-active members we are teaching are now being taught together and talking about it with each other when we aren't around, so that's dope! We taught both of them about the first part of the plan of salvation this week, and had a church tour with them. The church tour was sweet. We had brother bush and brother shumway come with us, and it was really powerful. Geri said she just wanted to keep walking more and more towards the front when she was in the chapel because of the spirit she felt! And the less-active member who had a stroke and can't really remember much about the church said she wanted to get rebaptized. Of course she can't, but it shows that she is ready to be re-activated. It's really sweet seeing the changes both of them have been making in their lives. Geri should have a baptismal date soon! We also had some fun this week! Haha. We brought brother story teaching with us, he's 82 years old. We took him up to the person we wanted to teach and he got stuck in the snow. And since he couldn't hear too well, he kept on pushing the gas when he was already stuck getting him more stuck, and turning the wheel the wrong way when backing out of the snow, haha. We got out though, which was the important thing. Also at the church tour, bro shumway used to date the less-active we brought teaching years ago, and they are both single, and they hit it off real well. Haha. It was pretty dang funny. Well, I love you all so much. Hope you all have a fantastic week. By the way I'm sending home my sd card today in the mail, so you should get it pretty soon. Love you all bye now!

Elder Kunzler's Mad Oregon Blackberry Buckle!  It was really good!!!!

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