Monday, February 2, 2015

CURRY and My New Companion!!!

Hey everyone,

Well we got hit with a huge snowstorm! Probably 10 to 12 inches on top of what is already here! But it's been great. Elder Kunzler and I are just having a blast together. I found out some very cool things about him. He has cousins in a small southern town in Utah. He then told me how he would love going out there and exploring the boulder mountain and capitol reef national park, and getting burgers at slackers!! Haha. It was sweet. Both of us were very surprised the other knew what slackers was. But apparently, Elder Kunzler has gone down there once a year or once every other year. We do have Hector, the 80 year old man on date for baptism still. He didn't come to church this week because he was sick. He said he still want to come to church though. We picked up one of his acquaintances, I'll call her betty (even though that isn't her name). Elder Kunzler and I were really excited about betty. She accepted a baptismal date the first lesson, and she really seemed to be progressing. But she doesn't have a phone, and she said we could find her on facebook, and we couldn't. But we couldn't find her on facebook. A few days later we saw her again on the side of the road, and she said she wanted to come to church and that she would add us on facebook that night. She still hasn't, and when we went to where we were going to pick her up, and she wasn't there. Hector says she lies a lot to and uses people, and Elder Kunzler and I are pretty sure she was just using us for free help. Apparently she had been using hector for awhile, and Hector's landlord said that she couldn't come back.   a lot of people are sick here to. We haven't seen Gerri this week because she has been out with the flu. I tell you guys that though because it's sweet to see how much Hector is ready to change his life and how much making new good friends in the church is going to help him. Elder Kunzler and I both feel that we were led by God to him. So that's really cool, even though we were disappointed with the "Betty" situation. Mike is still doing good. We found out this week that he isn't coming to church because he wants his wife to come with him, and she has been really busy. She's an engineer and dealing with project deadlines. But other than church, he's doing really well. We haven't set him with a baptismal date yet, but he will get there. He's going to England for the next two weeks though, so it will be kind of hard not seeing him. He's so sweet. We haven't seen Gerri this week because she has been really sick with the flu, but she should be better within 2 days, and once we start meeting with her, she will get a date for baptism to. She's really prepared for the gospel. We also picked up this guy named Arthur. He's interesting. I don't know how long we are going to be teaching him. He is a single dad and the son of a less-active lady in our ward, and he was really interested in getting an update from us on the single adult calender in our ward. And he mentions that a lot. So I don't know how long we will be teaching him. I also think I might have gotten food poisoning this week, because I puked a few times Tuesday night but felt fine and went out and worked on Wednesday. Don't know what's going to happen with our investigator steve. He picked up smoking again. I was really upset. He will get baptized if he can just quit, but it's so hard for him. We also aren't teaching josh anymore. He says his wife doesn't want us coming over anymore. But it's sad, especially since you can tell he knows it's true, but he claims to be atheist. But it wasn't really going anywhere. But he will come around someday.

 Now for questions. I'm doing great. Still love being a missionary and seeing miracles everyday and how much the gospel blesses the lives of those who accept and live it. The potato bowls are when we put mashed potatoes and popcorn chicken in a bowl. I then put chipotle ranch dressing over it. It's pretty good. Interesting facts about owego. I did find one today.  A few years ago, it was voted "coolest small town in America." The curry was delicious. It was about as spicy as dad's, but he said he didn't make it too spicy so we could handle it. You know how curry is all liquidy in the crockpot? I can't remember exactly how we eat it back home, but at the Palia's we actually but it in bowls like soup and dipped Chibate, which is kind of like pita bread, and dipped it in the curry. It was so good. He also made another Indian dish along with it that is mostly made with egges, but I forget what it is called. Love you all though. Have a great week and take care!

Elder Richins

My new companion, Elder Kunzler
Brother Palia and Elder Kunzler

So Good!!!


I love Owego!!!

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