Monday, February 23, 2015

35 Degrees is WARM!

Mom and Dad,

This week has been great. It is still cold up here. Yesterday it got up to 35 degrees, and that's the warmest it has been in awhile. Seriously, it felt so nice.  Also, my camera stopped working this week. I thought it might be the battery, so I bought a new battery today for forty bucks. If that doesn't solve the problem though, I will return the battery and will probably have to buy a new camera or something. Let me know what the options are! That's good that the kids get to see Sarah. Elder Kunzler and I had a very interesting week this week. So Mike Glanville our investigator was supposed to come back home from England, but he ended up deciding to stay another week to week and a half. (I don't blame him). And Geri is also out of town for her daughter who is giving birth. In addition to that, we haven't been able to contact many of our investigators recently. So our teaching pool shrunk quite a bit this last week. It was discouraging, but Elder Kunzler and I determined that there must be people out there that we need to find to prepare to hear the gospel since everyone is either sick or out of town. However, Geri's good friend Esther (the less-active we have been teaching who had a stroke) came to church this week and loved it! She loves the members and wants to keep coming every week if she can. So that was a miracle. We also started teaching another less-active member, Carlton Gooding this week. That was a huge miracle because Elder Ricks and I had visited him before, and he was totally shut off to visiting with us or hearing the gospel. But Elder Kunzler and I thought we might as well try him, and he had completely changed. He was open and told us about why he went less-active, how he came in contact with the church (He was baptized in the Navy). We also went around to all of the churches and town halls and other stuff in the communities to get ideas for service projects. We also have kept on teaching Hector and he came to church again. I don't know what we are going to do with him. He's got a great heart and is the nicest guy you will ever meet, but he can't remember the principles we teach him at all. We gave him a "mock" baptismal interview to see where he is at, and he couldn't remember a thing. When I asked him about the sabbath, he gave me the answer for tithing, and then 2 seconds later when I asked him what tithing was, he couldn't remember. But He will get there. It is just going to take some time and we will have to be patient with him. Can't believe it's already the end of my 3rd transfer here in Owego. We get the call this saturday, and I will leave if I stay here as long as I did in Schoharie, which is crazy. I'm hoping to stay for one more transfer though, it's crazy though. Time really does fly in the mission field. But life is going great here in owego. Love you all and have a great week!

Elder Richins

P.S. Also this week we stopped by this sick Alpaca Farm and got to pet the Alpaca's so that was way cool! Love you all and have a great week!

Here is a really cool quote you could share with sarah. It's from M. Russell Ballard's talk do things that make a difference. I loved the talk and thing this is an awesome point he makes. 
"We all are the sons and daughters of God. Therefore, none of us, no not one, should ever have a low self-image. We belong to him. We must struggle always to keep in our minds that our ultimate goal is to inherit eternal life. We work, we struggle, we set goals, we practice self-discipline. We do all of these things to become our very best selves. We exercise our faith in God, faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, faith in his gospel which has been restored, and we build a strong faith in ourselves. If for any reason your faith in yourself is wavering tonight, gird up your loins and fresh courage take. Do what is necessary to kindle the bright, glowing blessings of faith in your life. Always remember, you are a child of God."

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