Thursday, December 25, 2014

December 1, 2014

Mom and Dad,
The holidays on the mission are always so much fun! It's crazy to think that was my last thanksgiving. Anyways. This week had some ups and some downs. The downs are that quite a few people we have been teaching we will no longer. Cylvia is moving to a friends house since her place doesn't get heat. And George and Nancy Hoffmier, who are the sweetest investigators in the area, moved down to Florida. They are snowbirds so they live up here in the summer and move down to Florida for the winter. We will send the missionaries in Florida down there, but I'm sure going to miss teaching them. George is way funny though. He loves to laugh and joke around. Nancy is way sweet to. They gave us some venison from the deer they shot yesterday. I'm going to miss them. But there were some ups to the week as well. We picked up a really sweet investigator named Nancy. We just talked to her while she was raking leaves, and then we burned them with her around her campfire and taught her the restoration. It was so awesome. She is so prepared for the gospel too. Her Husband passed away last April, and you can tell that she has questions and is looking for answers. She also told us we could come over in the summer whenever we wanted and roast marshmallows on her campfire!! We also had a sweet thanksgiving day. We started the day with a meal appointment at the knudsen's (the members who live right below us). They are so sweet. We ate there with the Owego Sisters (Sisters Stimpson and Hopkinson). Then after that we went straight to the Corwins. And we were stuffed. I was already way full from the Knudsen's, and Sister Corwin is Italian. Italians always cook a freaking ton of food. We were so stuffed. I barely finished my plate there, and everyone was seeing who could eat the most food. Both of them had regular turkey and smoked turkey. Smoked turkey is really good. And the pie was amazing. We were so dead after. We also had a snowstorm this week with about 8 inches. Elder Ricks and I were messing around with each other. It was sweet. We also had dinner with the pierce family. Their son Chase is sweet. He is a Hockey guy. He loves the Rangers, and went to game 4 of the Stanley Cup Final. Just in case you were wondering, tickets were $1100 each. Crazy. But I'd love to go to the Stanley Cup final someday. So naturally he and I talked Hockey quite a bit. We also saw Brother Hartjen again. He's doing ok. He didn't read because he didn't have time. But he's sweet and really wants to know the answers that the plan of salvation answers. The problem is he won't pray because he doesn't believe God is there. He needs to gain that faith. We also had some really good lessons with a less acitve this week. This less-active member loves the gospel but doesn't feel like she can come to church due to some stuff she's gotten into. But she's so close to coming back. She said she would come yesterday, but didn't show, so we need to figure that out. She did schedule an appointment with Bishop Knudsen, so that is sweet. We also started teaching another less-active member Sarah Holt. She's so sweet. We taught her about the book of mormon. She says she prays everyday, but doesn't read the book of mormon. So we went through the introduction with her and committed her to read it everyday. She also says her non-member husband is willing to meet with us, so that's exciting. We also had a sweet district activity today. A nerf gun war and taco bar in the church. (Chapel and bathroom were off limits of course). It was so much fun.  I'm so excited that it is Christmas. It's a great way to get people talking about the Savior and the gospel. I hope you guys use the Christmas Season to share the gospel with those around you. That's weird to think you guys didn't have any turkey on thanksgiving. But Denver sounds sweet. I loved going on trips with the family. I love you all and have a fantastic week.

Elder Richins

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