Sunday, November 2, 2014

Transfered to OWEGO!!!!! Lots of Goodbyes in Schoharie

Mom and Dad,
Yes I am going to Owego, right down by the susquehanna river!! It's crazy to think I will be right by the river that Joseph Smith and Oliver Cowdery were baptized in. Well, this week was good. I'm very sad to be leaving Schoharie. Probably because I wasn't expecting it. I mean, I was in Scotia 7 and a half months, so I was sure I would not leave. But I was just finishing my 3rd transfer here, so I wasn't sure about Schoharie when calls came on Saturday. I wanted to stay one more with Elder Jepsen. He has been great. We get a long so well.  We work hard and have fun while doing it. I honestly don't think I have laughed more on my mission than these last 12 weeks with him. The members here are hilarious too. I can't wait to come back here someday. Elder Jepsen will be training a brand new missionary. This is a great place to start off the mission. I get to go to the transfer meeting in Utica on Wednesday. I am very excited. You don't always go to the transfer meeting in Utica when you get transferred. It wouldn't make sense for me to have gone when I came here from Scotia, since they are literally right next door to each other. But anyways, I'm going to miss this place a whole lot. We had some pretty sweet lessons this week. The Kargs are doing, ugh. They didn't come to church yesterday. Last week they didn't come because of Brother Kargs knee, but I'm not convinced that was the case yesterday. Sister Karg is doing great. She's totally getting reactivated. She posts so much stuff about the church on her facebook. And she wasn't when we first started meeting with her. She has really progressed. Brother Karg (the nonmember of the family) has a testimony of the priesthood. He can't read real well though, so I'm not sure how he will gain a testimony of the book of mormon. He will get baptized someday though. We have made more progress with them than any other missionaries ever have. Brother Karg told us that himself. We have become such good friends. I will miss them. Bill Sherling is doing great. He will be considered reactivated soon. He came again yesterday for the full 3 hours. That's two weeks in a row. We have seen such great progress with him. In addition to that, we picked up a couple of new investigators this week, both on exchange with Elder Buck. Elder Buck (like Elder Jepsen) is also from Lehi Utah. He struggles in the morning. I just tried to help him improve. We picked up a college student named Cathryn who goes by Cat. She was sweet. She asked us what our difference is from the catholic church, lutheran church, etc., She's way prepared. We couldn't teach as much as we wanted because her friend came up the porch while we were teaching and told her it was time to study for their big test tomorrow. It was dumb. Oh well. We also picked up Jalissa, the 12 year old daughter of our investigator Nancy. We scheduled a return appointment with Jalissa, and when we came back we crashed a halloween party. But when we saw we were the missionaries, they said Nancy loves it when we stop by, so that is really exciting. We also saw our investigator Constance this week. She is sweet and prepared. Her son Xavier has some form of autism, and he is like 4 years old. So it was really hard to focus during the lesson. She is very sincere. We have seen a lot of progress in the members of the ward to. Elder Jepsen, Brother Bryant (the Ward mission leader), and I have really been focusing on helping the members get more involved about missionary work, and we have seen so much more involvement. It's one of the great lessons I learned here. As a missionary, you can't just expect a referral, you have to work with the members to get them by helping the members know how they can share the gospel with their friends in a non threatening way. But Elder Jepsen and I have seen miracles. In this area, I went from teaching less than 10 lessons a week to teaching more than I ever have. There are people ready for the gospel no matter where you go, it just takes faith and hard work on our part. Also visited George Pynn, another less-active we have been started meeting with. It was interesting. We went over at like 7 (he lives in an old folks home complex) so he opened the door and had already gone to bed. So whenever I asked him a question during the lesson, he would just say "I can barely breathe right now." He was way tired. It was funny. Yesterday I started saying goodbye to everyone. It's sad. I love this area. Also got to see a less-active, Kevin Sisson yesterday. He's sweet. He's the one who had the deer that Elder Jepsen and I helped put on his wall. Elder Jepsen and I aren't sure why he's inactive, because he has a testimony and showed us how some prophecy Brigham Young made about the last days had recently been fulfilled. So he knows the gospel and has a testimony. He served a mission to, but that doesn't matter if you don't endure to the end. His son just put in his mission papers, and his girlfriend isn't a member, so there is tons of potential there. As we said goodbye, he looked at us and told us it was no coincidence that Elder Jepsen and I were serving together and crossed paths with, that it was meant to be and we influenced his life for the better. Chills went down my spine when he said that especially because him and I really connected. He knows  about (and I think has some connection ) to fairview and mt. pleasant, so I told him about our cabin and we really connected and he just opened up. I know the Lord calls us to go where we need to go. So Owego, here I come. My new companion will be Elder Ricks. Have a great week family. Love you all and take care.
We saw a fox and this is our district this past transfer!!!

The Coyers, another great member family

 The Cooper family and Elder Jepsen and myself
 Victor is the recent
convert we have been working with who wants to go on a mission!
Me and Victor messing around.

 Ed and Joan Sisson and their dog! (they are coming to Utah and may stop by...I gave them your contact info)
Joe and Phyllis Sisson 
The Vanderwerken family (one of them)

Kevin Sisson, me and the deer we hung up!!!

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