Sunday, November 2, 2014

Leaves are almost gone! :(

Thank you so much!! I did get the birthday package!!! It was so sweet!!! I loved the ties, the candy, the sweaters, everything was so great!! I didn't get more pumpkin pie, but we had delicious brownies and fresh-baked apple pie with the karg family yesterday!! It was so sweet. The kargs are doing well. Sister Karg is on fire. She is totally going to be re-activated. She's keeping commitments real well. She even posts things about the church and stuff from and on her facebook page all the time. It is so cool to see how much the gospel can change lives. And it looks like I got the vial for oil just in time. Brother Karg messed up his knee, so they couldn't come to church yesterday. But we gave Brother Karg a blessing of healing. Elder Jepsen anointed the oil and I sealed it. My testimony of God's love for each of us individually and the power of the priesthood is strengthened every time I give a blessing. The words just come to you and you know it is the spirit. We asked Brother Karg what his thoughts were on baptism. He said he isn't ready yet. We did have him pray at the end of the lesson, and he prayed that he and his family would be able to make it to church though. He will definitely get baptized, it's just a matter of timing. We have seen so much progress in them already. We also had zone training meeting this past week. It was on the book of mormon and how we could use it more effectively in our study. The zone leaders set up an activity where we wore blind folds and were taken outside the church. Then we had to hold onto a string (the iron rod) in order to get back in the church. On the path there were rocks and logs we had to hop over, and other missionaries who would try to get us to let go of the string. When we got to the end, we took off our blind folds and pondered the scripture 1 Nephi 15:24. It was really cool to see how important the book of mormon really is to each of us. There was one part of the training I was disappointed about though. We didn't get any fruit or similar thing at the end of the activity. But it was way cool. We also had to practice reading the Book of Mormon with our investigators and less-actives and using it to answer their questions and resolve concerns. Since we want them to read the whole book of mormon from front to cover rather than just skipping all over. And I found that wherever we were in the Book of Mormon, we can have our questions and concerns answered. I also got to go to Hudson again this week. Elder Jepsen and I this transfer will go on 5 exchanges. I got to work with Elder Davis this time. He's cool. He goes home in January. (He came out with Elder Johnson). We visited with a lot of less-actives again. We got some cheesecake from sister szepezzy. It was really good. Elder Jepsen pointed out today that in 2 months we will be making our 3rd call home of our missions. Time flies!! Elder Koyle goes home in about 7 weeks. Crazy!! Bill Sherling and his 7 year old son Nick (Bill is another less-active we work with) came to church and stayed the whole 3 hours!!! Brother Sherling is making really good progress!! We also picked up a new investigator name Jeanette this week. Elder Jepsen and I tracted into her. It was such a tender mercy. She definitely felt the spirit. After the lesson she explained how she couldn't meet with us anymore because she lives with her boyfriend's parents, and she didn't think they would like us coming over. She actually said that we were lucky to catch her when she was home alone and she could actually take the time to listen to us. Then we offered to teach her over facebook, and she was very open to that and we gave her a book of mormon. I realized after the odds of us knocking on that door at the only time she could have accepted our message and thus allowing us to make contact with her. The lord is very aware of us, and my testimony of the gospel has been strengthened so much by serving a mission. Oh, and the cold is setting in. We had some rain this week that has taken a lot of the leaves off the trees, and yesterday was about 40 degrees. The winter is definitely coming. So I was very grateful for the sweater. Love you all so much and have a great week.

Elder Richins


Transfers are a week from this wednesday, and the call comes this saturday. So the next time I email, I'll know if I'm staying in Schoharie or not. Today we just cleaned our apartment and car, and got our flu shots. It took forever for them to figure out the missionary medical insurance. And elder Jepsen hit his head at walmart and had to fill out an accident report. Everyone wanted to make sure he was ok and asked him if he needed anything. He asked for a water bottle and they gave him the nicest water bottle, ice-cold for free. Oh Brother!! He conned them!!

 More Fall and me with Elder Davis and Elder Jepsen....Most of the leaves have fallen off!

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