Sunday, October 5, 2014

September 22 2014

This week was great!! I'm not too sure what the pumpkin patch is completely. I know that the Vandwerkens are in charge of it and it is a big event. There's apple cider donuts, and I think people purchase pumpkins, stuff like that. I will have to tell you when it actually happens. But Schoharie is so sweet!! The miracles keep on happening. My companion, Elder Jepsen is sweet. We have so much fun together. Since we came out at the same time, I never thought we would serve together, but we did, and we are having so much fun. We work hard, and have fun while doing it. You can't just work work work without enjoying yourself, otherwise I would die. But sharing the gospel with others is so awesome. It's all about the attitude. I can't believe It has already been a whole transfer with him. We didn't do more spelunking, but it is still sweet. The kargs are really progressing. Sister Karg has started to read in between visits, and she had some concerns about coming to church. She and her family haven't come yet, but she said yesterday as we taught her lesson 3 (the gospel of Jesus Christ) and talked about faith and repentance, she realized that she just needs to exercise her faith to come to church and not her concerns get in the way. We also taught Tom a couple of times this week. On Monday we introduced the Book of Mormon to him, and we went back on Wednesday to read with him and he was already through chapter 5 and explained it perfectly, like he was in the church already!! And then we texted him a few days ago, and he's up to chapter 11 or 12, I'm not sure on the exact chapter, but he is really progressing!! We also picked up a few new investigators this week as well. We picked up this one couple, Constance and Steve, and they are sweet. We just talked to them for a few minutes and shared a quick message with them and left them restoration pamphlets, and they asked us what makes our church different as we left. We are seeing them tonight!! We also met the Bloom family. They have gone less-active (I think recently to), so we stopped by them yesterday. They are sweet. They have this huge dog that was guarding there front door, and it was 8:00 so we were about to head in for dinner, and we had to knock on the back door, which they said startled them. But Brother Bloom and his son are really into fishing, so I was able to talk to them about that and get to know them. It's so cool to see how the lord prepares people to meet with the missionaries and accept the gospel. Whenever Elder Jepsen and I start visiting with someone, they have some interest or experience that really relates them to one of us. The computers in the library are fixed and that is were we are emailing today, so I will be able to send home pictures!! I'm also getting the hang of the facebook lessons, we are teaching more and more people on facebook. I love it. Being able to share videos from and for lessons is so sweet. There's a really sweet talk by Elder Bednar called "To Sweep the earth as with a flood" on that talks about the use of social media to hasten the work of salvation that is really good. Anyways, I don't really want anything for my birthday. Just save up money so we can buy the ipad and I can purchase ipad accessories (a case and screen protector). I also would like a sweater with long sleeves. I got one from a member that is a crew-neck, and President Wirthlin has asked us to only wear v-necks. So a v-neck long sleeved sweater. And did you get my question last week about the ties?? The one I really want is the pink one and black one with blue stripes across. The leaves are starting to change colors, so that is very exciting!! Love you so much mom and everyone!! Have a fantastic week!! 

Elder Richins

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