Monday, October 6, 2014

Fisher of Men

Mom and Dad!! Dad thank You so much for keeping me updated on all the sports and such!! Elder Jepsen and I are both feeling a lot better!! This week was great!! Since I got sick last week we got to go to on two exchanges this week!! It was kind of weird being away so much from my normal companion, but I loved it!! First I got to go on exchange from wednesday morning to thursday morning with Elder Gardner. He came out to the field when I came to schoharie, late june! He's a boss!! We had a lot of fun together!! We taught 4 lessons, which was sweet. They have some way cool investigators and less-actives they are working with. Although it was kind of weird with this one less-active family they taught. There 26 year old daughter was flirting with me. She was hostile to our message but told me she would read the Book of Mormon if I wrote my testimony in it!! So I did. I won't ever see her again, but it was way weird. Especially since she was 7 years older then me. I don't think I have been more creeped out on my mission!! We also got to have dinner with the Receveurs and The Hudson Elders investigator family, the parents are named Mark and Mia!! President Receveur is sweet. He's been hunting all over the world, and has the sickest man cave I've ever been in. All the things he's shot, from moose to alligator to zebra to caribou in that room!! I'll send pictures. Don't know why Mark and Mia aren't getting baptized, they are so sweet and watch videos on mormon channel and are in Alma in the Book of Mormon. Unfortunately, I prayed for Mike and Mia instead of Mark and Mia, which was embarrassing. I hate when I do that. And it isn't the first time I've done it on my mission either.That was Hudson.Then on thursday, I came back to schoharie and worked with Elder Neus (who is in Greenville) for the day!! He is way fun and we had such a good time. We got to see David Philips, the sweet atheist guy who wants to believe in God. He and his family are so prepared for the gospel!! He also said he would teach me how to fly fish if we could get a day off or two!! Haha. But when we visit back, I'd love to take him up on that offer to teach me. He says he could have me casting in 20 minutes. He also gave me a sweet book called a river runs through it, which is about fly fishing. He said it's his favorite book and in the front he wrote "To Elder Richins, a fisher of men!" I was so excited!! He and his family are definitely getting dunked. Elder Neus and I also taught this girl named Devon, who we taught the 1st cornerstone to!! Her prayer at the end was so powerful. She just expressed she wanted answers to questions and strengthen her relationship with God. We met her about a week earlier. She yelled at us through her window when we were walking down the street and asked us if we were mormons, and when we said yes, she said she wanted to talk to us. The Lord truly does prepare people to receive the gospel. We didn't know she would be looking out her window at that time, but God did. He is hastening his work. There is so much potential here in Schoharie. The key is meeting frequently with people, and having short, frequent lessons. Also got to teach Bill Sherling a couple of times this week. The second time, his 2 year old daughter pooped her pants in the middle of the lesson. After he went up and cleaned her up and changed her, we resumed the lesson as normal. But she had a wedgie and pulled her pants and underwear down right as I started to testify about the sacrament. Elder Jepsen was trying not to laugh!! It was way awkward. Those awkward moments on the mission are good memories though. Haha. We also got to meet with the karg family this week. They didn't make it to church last week because brother karg slept in!! Ugh!! But he said he felt really bad, and they watched general conference!! General conference was amazing by the way!! So many great talks. And there was the theme of following the prophet and apostles!! I am so grateful we have the true gospel and living prophets and apostles to lead us and reveal God's will to us!! I hope you all have a great week! Love you all!! 

Elder Richins

PS. I lost my consecrated oil keyring this week, so If I could get a new one that would be sweet. Sorry I'm asking for so much stuff!! 

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