Monday, October 13, 2014

District Activity and Thatcher Park

Pumpkin patch!! 
District Activity!! 

                                                            Exchange in Albany!!
                                                                 With Elder Child!!

I took a legit bubble bath!!

We went to Thatcher Park today. Here are a lot of the pictures!!

First off. Thank you so much for the birthday package!! I actually got to have pumpkin pie today!! Haha. And I'm loving the experiences on my mission. It does have its challenges and hard times and attitude is everything, but the blessings are so real. I've changed so much. And fall colors out here are amazing. Better than anything I ever saw growing up. We need to visit the mission again, and it needs to be at this time of year. It's beautiful. So this week was amazing!! Elder Jepsen and I are still tearing it up. This week flew by!! I got to go on exchange with the zone leaders again. The albany zone leaders still have that amazing apartment, and after planning at night I took a legit bubble bath!! I also got to teach Sister Gies once. She is so prepared. She has already given up tea and coffee, and she is reading the book of mormon. She said the closing prayer at the end, it was pretty long, but very good. Also had lot of cool experiences with investigators and less-actives in my area too. We taught the Karg family a few times this week. Brother Karg isn't a member, and sister karg is less-active. They have really been progressing, but they haven't made it to church yet, and brother karg still isn't set with a baptismal date. They came to stake conference on Sunday!! In fact they drove us there!! It was so sweet. It was sweet!! Then we introduced them to President Wirthlin, and he invited him to be baptized right then and there!! It was so sweet. He's totally getting baptized. We are going to follow up with them on that. We also had a sweet experience with Sister Payne. She went less-active when I got here at the end of june, and she had been a member for only a couple of years. We heard she got hostile to the church. But she has always loved the missionaries. I messaged her on Facebook and she says that she would like us to start teaching her online again. And then she showed up at stake conference!! It was so sweet. Stake conference was legit. The was member missionary work and temple work!! Larry S. Kacher, who just spoke in this last October conference, was there and spoke both sessions on the importance of example. We also had the temple president there, who bore a powerful testimony of the temple. That's one of the things I miss the most. Haha. It was also great to see everyone from the glenville/schenectady wards again. We picked up Nancy as an investigator, and she is very prepared. I was in Albany when Elder Jepsen taught her the book of mormon, but she loves reading and is going to read it. We also have been sharing videos with Devan on facebook. She is an investigator we picked up last week. She loves it and we are going to meet with her this week. She even already asked where a church is in this area. The work here is truly hastening. And I'm so grateful to be a part of it. Schoharie is sweet. It's beautiful here. Have a great week mom!! Love you so much!!

Elder Richins

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