Monday, September 1, 2014

Spelunking, Primary, Oysters and WHAT?! - Pineapple Iced Tea?!!

Mom and Dad,
Man can't believe how quickly time flies by!!! It's already September!! That is so crazy!!! This week was awesome!!! We got in contact with a lot of people this week!!! We taught Bill Sherling Jr, a man who is about 40 years old but has been inactive since he left the house!! The spirit was so strong. We taught the Restoration of the gospel, and he really seemed to be interested and sincere!!! He doesn't seem to know too much about the gospel, but he prayed out loud at the end of the lesson, and it was awesome. Elder Jepsen and I talked about the lesson after, and I thought it was really good!! I think it's the best lesson we have taught together, and probably the best one I have taught in quite awhile. Also got to go on exchange to Hudson this week!! It was way fun!! Elder Gardner is a boss!! We taught a less active lady who is starting to come back to church, and her cat was on Elder Gardner's lap the whole time, and during the lesson, it would outstretch its claws into his skin and he would make the funniest faces while he was in pain. Also met Jeremy. Jeremy told us all about the doctrine of resurrection!! How resurrection is all about oysters, cows, and leprechauns, and only a few people are resurrected because there is a shortage of oysters in the world. Haha. Elder Jepsen and I laughed so hard afterwards. You meet some people with very interesting beliefs as a missionary, because you talk with everyone!! Also had a crazy adventure teaching the 4 and 5 year olds for primary the other day!!  Elder Jepsen and I didn't know how to control them, and  we couldn't even teach. They would just start hitting each other or taking our stuff our lifting up chairs around. So for the last 30 minutes of class, Elder Jepsen and I just played the quiet game with them, and whoever won got a cheeze it. That seemed to work. Then we gave them some cheeze its at the end of church, and they put them on the ground and started eating them off the floor. I told them to stop because of how gross doing that is, then their grandpa came, and when I told him to control his grandkids he said "Yeah, you go pick that up with your tongue right now!" Haha I love the members here in Schoharie. They are so funny!! Elder Jepsen and I also met this crazy girl who thinks she can make it rain with her emotions and called us in the morning after being awake for 72 hours straight. She is crazy and Elder Jepsen and I were laughing so hard after we left. We are having so much fun together. Also we had an awesome district meeting. One of the elders in our district, wanted to get a haircut on thursday. So his companion, who is very funny, missed a spot so he had a mohawk. And what a coincidence, President Wirthlin decided to show up at that district meeting and cut this elders hair. We were laughing really hard. The leaves are starting to change. We also had dinner with a less-active/part member family yesterday, the Devitto's. They lived in Hurricane Utah, down south by St. George, and their house looked like that was where they are from!! The member of the house don't know (at least I don't think) too much about the church, because after I tasted my delicious drink, I asked what it was. It was half pineapple juice, half iced tea. So I had to excuse myself to go the bathroom to drink out of the water halfway through the meal, which ended up tasting like it had sulfur in it. It was awful. But they are such a sweet family, and very funny too. But I'm so excited for this month. We have more appointments scheduled this week than I have ever had here in Schoharie, the Lord truly is hastening his work. The leaves are just starting to change color. Love you Mom and Dad, and have a great week.


The Alligator

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