Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rural Schoharie!!!

Hey Family,
So mom I took over the area this week with Elder Jepsen, and realized how useful a GPS would be. So I'm planning on buying one today. That's crazy how much fun you and the family are having this summer. I miss our family vacations. Hopefully we can all come back and tour the mission when I get home. We haven't used online proselyting yet, but we will be starting it before we get the ipads on the computers we email from at the churches and library. So I am very excited to start that.  Anyways this week was fantastic. Elder Jepsen is sweet. We weren't companions in the MTC, just in the same district. But we have had a lot of fun together. We work hard and we have fun while doing it. Elder Jepsen is from Lehi, so he is my first companion from Utah, and we are tearing it up. We taught a part-member family this week named the Kargs for the first time. Sister Karg and her son are less-active, and Brother Karg isn't a member, but is way friendly and enjoys talking with us. They let us right in. They are sweet. They live on the top of this rural hill, and you can't see anything from their house. It is all trees. They say they would want to come back to church, but we will see what happens. They are sweet too. Also talked with this man named Chuck. Total Redneck. He told us all these stories about him growing up and living on the farm in New Jersey. He had a pet skunk, and whenever his wife had friends over and it was late and he wanted them to leave, he would just tell them skunks come out at this time on the farm, and then let the skunk run out and scare all of his wife's friends away. Elder Jepsen and I were laughing pretty hard. He also told us how he trained his giant german shepherd that weighs 150 lbs to guard. If someone breaks in, he doesn't bark, he just waits for them to come in then gets them. He apparently got a robber by the throat once. But he told us the most funny story. He was training winston (the german shepherd) and some Jehovah's witnesses showed up at his door. Winston was still in  the process of being trained, and he got out and started chasing him. And Chuck meant to say Winston, come back here, but he said Jehovah get back here instead. Haha. So these two 70 year old Jehovah Witness missionaries dropped their bibles and ran faster than chuck thought possible. It was so funny. We are going to be doing some service for him this week at his farm, so we will probably use that as a doorway to start teaching him more.  It's so cool to see how important it is to love the people we serve, as we love them and are their friends, it is natural to share the gospel with them and they receive it well. Elder Jepsen and I also picked up and investigator named Judy yesterday. She read the Restoration pamphlet we left with her and said her beliefs are very similar to ours. She also has a lot of the good moral values that the church teaches us to have, so it was awesome being able to teach her. She is interested in learning more about the book of mormon, and also invited us to a pig roast dinner her church is having in a few weeks. So we were pumped for that too. That was my week. The lord truly does help us find those ready to receive the gospel as we are friendly and reach out in love to those people who aren't members or less-active, and help them enjoy the blessings of becoming converted. I love you all so much. Have a great time at the surprise 50th anniversary party/reunion, and tell everyone I say hi. 


PS. Since schoharie county is known as the bread basket of the revolution, the british once came through and burned all the crops. The first battle I believe was right here in the county as well. 

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