Sunday, August 31, 2014

Monday August 25, 2014

Well, This week was good. Hopefully the work will continue to progress. Unfortunately, things aren't looking to good with Sierra. We haven't been meeting with her as much, and if things don't change soon, we will have to stop teaching her. However, there are some great opportunities coming up to help the work continue to hasten. We met with a lot of less-active and part-member families this week. One of those families, the McCormacks, are having their son get baptized this Saturday. Elder Jepsen and I were invited to be there as witnesses. The dad, who is a non-member, will be there. Elder Jepsen and I will also be inviting all of our investigators to it this week as well. Hopefully that will go well and we will be able to help those who are interested feel the spirit. Facebook proselyting is great. Although you guys aren't allowed to communicate with me over facebook, it is encouraged that you share my facebook posts so more people can see them. That would be a great missionary opportunity for anyone in the family back home. So I encourage anyone who is willing to do it to try it out. Also, we picked up an investigator named Earl this week. He is really cool. Elder Jepsen and I had a pretty good lesson with him. It was really funny at the end we were being silent after the prayer and his rotweiler farted. Elder Jepsen and I were trying so hard not to laugh. It was really high pitched, and I've never had to try harder to keep myself from laughing than I did then.  He has some interesting beliefs, but when he cancelled our return appointment because something came up, he immediately rescheduled because he really wants to talk with us. I will also be going on exchange this week to Hudson with Elder Gardner. He's a pretty new missionary. He's only on his 2nd transfer, which was like January/February for me. But he seems like a really great guy and I am excited to work with him. Elder Jepsen and I are still having a lot of fun together and working hard. We also had a really cool experience yesterday with Brother Roberts. Some Lady named Lynne called us up and needed help with her family situation. She never punished her son growing up and just spoiled him, so he doesn't accept the consequences for his actions now, and he has no respect for her. Like he cusses at her and everything. And he is fallen for this girl who apparently has stolen everything from him and gotten him into a lot of trouble. He's tried to commit suicide and is currently in Jail. And Lynne was telling us all of this and I had absolutely no idea what to say to her, but Brother Roberts who had come teaching with us to our previous lesson was there, and he has seen his kids and himself go through similar situations, so he was able to help give her advice. After that, he told us that we shouldn't try to meet with her, and we agreed, because she isn't interested in the gospel. She just wants someone to listen to all her drama. And that is exactly what it was. And as missionaries we aren't supposed to go through that and don't deserve to go through that. But It was really cool as I thought about it the fact that of all the people who we could have gotten to come teaching with us that day, it was Brother Roberts. And that was a miracle. Because there is no way Elder Jepsen and I could have said anything to help her, but Brother Roberts could. What are the odds?? Haha the Lord truly does watch over each and everyone of us. Also Elder Jepsen and I got to go spelunking today at Secret Caverns. It's in Howes Cave, a little town close to Cobleskill in our area. My camera died right after I took the last picture, so I will send you pictures next week. I love you mom and Dad. Thank you so much for being such awesome parents. Hope you both and the whole family have a fantastic week.

Elder Richins
PS. I got a GPS today.

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