Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tearing it Up!


First off sorry if you got scared at all yesterday. We have been having computer problems lately at the church, and since the library is closed on Monday, we have to wait if those computers don't work till tuesday to email. So that is why I am emailing today instead of yesterday. Anyways, this week was wonderful. We have been authorized to use facebook in our missionary efforts. I can get on 1 hour each day, and use it to contact investigators and members, teach lessons online through skype and facebook chat, and share uplifting mormon messages and other stuff. I cannot contact anyone back home in anyway over facebook without President Wirthlin's permission, although it is recommended that anyone back home befriend and fellowship those Elder Jepsen and I teach online. It is a great tool to hasten the work, and a great responsibility. I haven't gotten the package yet, but I look forward to it. Glad to hear you all had a great time at the reunion. Jacob already had his farewell? He leaves in October right?? If so, that is early. And he would reference BYU and U of U. Haha. In addition to facebook, we had a great zone training meeting last thursday. The trainings were on having the faith to find people to teach and what are true desires are as we serve each and every day.I learned that no matter how hard the situations may seem, we must remember this is the Lord's work, and every area has people that he has prepared to receive the gospel. We just need to have faith to find, and we will be led to those who will receive us. I've seen that countless times in my mission. How unexpected people come into your path that have been prepared by the Lord. It is such a blessing to know how actively engaged he is in his work. Also learned how important desire is. It all starts with desire. Desires lead to the choices we make and the people we become. Desire is everything. And we need to remember our desires as we hasten the work and bring souls to Christ. Also met a lot of great people this week. We got to have dinner with the sweetest couple, but they are atheist, so it was a little frustrating. They were willing to let us indoctrinate them a little bit, but they seemed very hostile and uncomfortable. But they love the missionaries and are willing to feed us again. We visited a lot of part-member families this week, and are hopefully going to be able to start teaching them. We also got to know the Pearson Family yesterday. It was sweet. They are so nice and cool. They also want to have us over for dinner. Elder Jepsen and I are still tearing it up. I didn't get a gps yet. I might wait for a better deal. President Wirthlin has officially announced the ipad minis will come in a few months, and I will be expected to purchase it. So he told us to make sure our parents are aware of that. Love you so much mom. Thank you for all that you do and the example that you are to me. Tell everyone back home that I love them. Have a great week.
Elder Richins

This is what my torn up jeans looked like!!!!!

This is Chuck!

Thank you for the attachments. Sounds like you have a fun week. Hope that you are enjoying summer life. When does school start, is this your last week of summer?? Haha. That sounds like a way fun hike in capital reef. We will have to do a lot of outdoor stuff as a family when I get home. Good thing mom was safe while she hitchhiked. I would be nervous to do that. Love you little brother. Have a great week.

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