Monday, July 21, 2014

Waterfall in Hudson. And the Beautiful Rolling Hills!

Hope you enjoyed your camping trip. Camping is so much fun. I'm loving life here. I get to enjoy more of the country here than my previous area because of how rural it is. We are going to catch crawdads today with our investigator Sierra and cook them up, so I'm excited for that. Hope you have a great week. Love you little brother.
First off, I love the Meelo picture. It made me laugh when I saw it. Glad to hear you are enjoying the great outdoors. I get to go on a hike this week with some investigators and ward members who will bring their friends. Hopefully we will be able to get to know them and start teaching them. That is the purpose of the hike, to find people to teach through the members. Hope you have a great week. Love you little brother.

Glad to hear you had a fun four wheel ride and saw a bear again. That's way cool. Haha. Hopefully you didn't go chase the bear. That sounds sweet with the Native American flute too. It makes sense now. One of the kids told me dad got a flute, and I wondered why you would. I can't wait to hear it someday though. This area is a lot like the country that our cabin is in actually. The leafy trees and the rolling hills. I'll be sending pictures. I also did well on my talk in church. I got a lot of complements, and even got some yesterday. One person told me I talked like President Monson. Another said they really felt the spirit and I sounded like a general authority. So I'm glad that went well. Love you dad and hope you have a great week.

That sounds exciting. So yeah I will just use the money on my personal debit card to buy the ipad when they come. Also did you find anything out about the gps?? Glad to hear you are feeding the missionaries. And I will send some pics home today. I have the same amount of time on the computer as I did in my first area, so we should be fine. Anyways, this week has been good. Yesterday, we got a new ward mission leader. Elder Thompson and I are really excited for that. It is so important for ward members to be involved in missionary work. As members friendship and find people to teach and then work with the full-time missionaries, there is a lot more success than just having the missionaries finding people on their own. Sierra didn't come to church yesterday because she got a job and had training, but she was very sad that she couldn't come to church and said she would ask her boss for sundays off, and she said she will be able to come next sunday, which is good. I also have to buy some new jeans today because the ones I brought out with me got a huge hole in them when we stacked hay for the sissons. Also got to got out on the tractor with them, which was pretty sweet. Elder Thompson and I are just trying to find people to teach. Sierra is really the only one we are teaching right now, so we are doing a lot of work with members and knocking. We do a lot of object lessons though, which I think would be great for me to teach when I get home for Family Home Evening. Other than Sierra, we find people. Tracting is fun though because of all the things that can happen. You never know what someone might say when they answer the door. Also this week we carried a pizza and drinks for a drunk guy to his house. He told me I would make a good pizza delivery boy, which was pretty funny. Mike would love this area, because as Brother Harvey says "Schoharie county has the best sweet corn in the world." We had dinner yesterday with him and the Thomas's, boy are they funny. Brother Harvey taught me how to talk like a true New Yorker. You ask a question, raise your tone, and sound angry. Haha. He said he taught that once to a missionary and they used that as their answering machine. You have so much fun as a missionary, and you learn so much. Love you so much mom and love you all. Have a great week.

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