Monday, July 14, 2014

July 14

So our area is all of Schoharie county, not just Cobleskill and Schoharie. Although those two towns, along with Middleburgh, Central Bridge, and Richmondville. Also for finances, I know I asked mom for a GPS, but this Thursday we found out at zone conference that our mission is going to get ipads in a few months, and at the end of our mission we can purchase them for $400, which I believe is half price and is something I would want to do. I would rather get the ipad than the GPS. I do have the cash stashed away safe. That's what President Wirthlin wants every missionary to do. This week was great though. Yesterday, Sierra and Chelsey came to church, which was awesome. So Sierra is the one that I told you guys about last week. She is really progressing. She said she loved church. And we picked up her neighbor Chelsey as an investigator too. She came along for one of the lessons we had with Sierra. Chelsey also said she liked church. She also understands scripture pretty well. She and sierra read together, and Chelsey is able to answer most of Sierra's questions, which is great. We had a church tour with Chelsey and Sierra on Saturday, and it was good because Brother Gibbons, the Ward mission leader, and Larkin Cooper, a ward missionary there. Larkin also brought her friend along to the tour as well, which was good. We then played chair soccer with them after the tour, just to get to know them better and such. It was a lot of fun. We also got to help Josh Debartolo clean up their parents house. It still had damage from Irene. It was very tiring, but a lot of fun to do some yard work. Also gave a talk yesterday on making choices. Sierra said she liked it a lot, which was good. Love you Dad and love you all. Have a great week. Glad to hear that you are all going to be having fun this week in the great outdoors.

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