Monday, July 7, 2014

Haying and the 4th!

This week has been great. So I took off $100 of my personal debit card because President Wirthlin has asked that we keep that much money on us in cash for emergencies. This first full week in Schoharie has been great, but very different. Elder Thompson is awesome too. He's so funny and cool. He's also very athletic. His favorite sport is soccer. We did get to do hay on Tuesday, and boy was I sweaty. The humidity here is so bad. I was probably as sweaty as I was after a hockey game in just a shirt and jeans. But we did get to have breakfast and lunch with the Sisson family, the ones who we stacked the hay for, so that was awesome. The area here doesn't really smell like hay, more like cows. We only have one real investigator right now. She is 18 and is a high school dropout and is trying to get her GED. She used to be on illegal drugs. She still has some word of wisdom issues with smoking cigarettes. She has a 2 year old son, and the dad is in jail. It's crazy to see how much the gospel is changing her life and how important it is to have good friends. Since Elder Thompson and I have been teaching her, she hasn't actually kept any commitments yet, but she is definitely changing. She at first thought we were crazy for all the rules we have to keep and such. She just wanted to hang out. But she has started to ask questions in more recent meetings that are related to the gospel. She says we are her only real friends. All her other friends were on drugs or were once on drugs. It's been a really cool experience to see how important good friends are. I feel sorry for her since she grew up in Schenectady and has always had bad influences around her. To grow up in the gospel is truly a blessing, a blessing that I have taken for granted. Fortunately she is coming to a family home evening tonight which we are really excited for. She will be able to make some friends with ward members that will be a good influence on her and will get her more interested in the gospel. I truly believe that Elder Thompson and I have been a good influence on her. It's going to be interesting as we continue to teach her, but if we get the ward members involved, it will be very good. Members are so important, and I hope you are all praying and looking for missionary opportunities back home. Other than that, it was a lot of finding this week. Oh and we had the 4th of July ward picninc, which was way fun. It was free dinner, and Elder Thompson and I got to play baseball, kickball, and signs with the members there. Elder Thompson and I were actually sore after, since you don't get much time to exercise as a missionary. I'll be sending pictures home soon. I'm loving Schoharie so far. Take care mom. Love you and have a great week.

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