Monday, June 23, 2014

Off to Schoharie!!!

So, I am leaving Scotia this Wednesday. It's crazy how time flies. It seems like only Yesterday I was saying goodbye to you and the rest of the family in Provo. This wednesday, I will travel to Schoharie and work with Elder Thompson in the Schoharie Valley ward. I've heard many exciting things about my new area. I was told that the Schoharie valley is the richest farm valley in the State of New York. It's all farmland. Very different from Scotia, which includes the city of Schenectady and suburbs similar to Murray. But I'm very excited at the new challenges and opportunities that await me there. I've had a very cool experience this last couple of days. Zone training meeting was last Thursday, and President Wirthlin challenged all of us to sincerely pray each morning and tell the Lord what we want to accomplish that day, and then at the end of the day, to report to him what we did. As I have done that the last few days, I have seen miracles that strengthens my testimony that God does hear and answer our prayers, but it has also helped me see that President Wirthlin truly is inspired of God. On saturday, I prayed that Elder Koyle and I would be able to teach powerfully and simply to the lesson we had with Mandy Douglas and her 5 year old son Andrew that day. Sister Douglas is Chinese, and speaks a little English even though it is hard to understand her sometimes. She wanted us to involve Andrew a lot, and involve him in the lesson as well. We needed a male member with us, and mid way through the day, he had to cancel. Luckily, Elder Koyle and I were able to find another member last minute, Brother Grandon, who has two little kids of his own. As we taught, I knew I would have to teach very, very simply so Andrew could understand the message we had come to share. Brother Grandon was able to teach very simply, and I followed his example and taught simpler than I ever have before on my mission. The amazing thing is the fact that Andrew, being only 5 years old, sat down and listened through about 95% of the lesson, and has probably the best attention span I've ever seen in a 5 year old. I thanked God for the wonderful blessing it was to be able to find Brother Grandon and get him to the lesson. I'm so grateful for all of the many blessings I've been able to receive as I've served here in Scotia. I've seen miracles. My testimony has grown immensely. I'll let you all know how Schoharie is. It's in the Albany zone still, so I'll get to see Elder Koyle at zone meetings. Love you mom, and have a great week!!!


I am getting transferred. I'm going to Schoharie. Which is very different from Scotia. Scotia is city and suburbs, while Schoharie is all farm country. Sounds like a very fun thing, taking apart VCR's. Elder Koyle and I currently have around 10 investigators, but none are progressing. We've had a few weeks struggling to get lessons, and have done a lot of knocking on doors as well as OYMing. OYM is the acronym we missionaries have for "Open your mouth." It's street contacting, walking around on the streets and talking to people as they walk by and see if they would be interested in hearing the message we have to share as missionaries. I will keep in contact with converts. Hannah and Whitney both have facebooks, so I'll befriend them when I get home. A less-active member (Marlene Witts) who Elder Koyle and I have taught everything because she had forgotten absolutely everything about the gospel after a 30+ year absence, she is now re-activated and gave me her email and also has a facebook. Glad you are enjoying all the fun things you can do at home during the summer. You could be an engineer someday. There's lots of them in the Glenville and Schenectady ward because of the GE plant and Knoll's atomic power laboratory in the area. Love you nicknick, and have a great week.

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