Monday, June 16, 2014

Mohawk River for Real this Time!!!

 The Mohawk River for
REAL this time!!! And some
Guinea Pigs of some 

Glad to hear you and the family had a great Father's day!!! I did get my package. Thanks for the new tie. Haha. This week went really well. Elder Koyle and I got 4 new investigators, so our finding has paid off. One was a former named John who practices Hindu. It was interesting teaching him because a lot of the things you don't have to explain to most investigators because they are Christian we had to explain to him. He's very nice though, and gave us orange juice. The work is progressing, and I'm truly blessed to be a part of it. The 4 new investigators we got, we've only taught once and I'm not certain how things will turn out yet. But we did see miracles. In addition to the 4 new investigators, Elder Koyle and I called a less-active member who gave us a referral. She said she wants to get back to church, and she thinks her friend could be open to the gospel since he just went through a divorce. The last member referral this member gave was the Maronies, who are both baptized. Another good thing about the 4 new investigators is that 2 of them are from the Schenectady ward, and Elder Koyle and I have been wanting the work in the Schenectady ward to pick up. We also started teaching some less-actives in that ward as well, so that was really good too. It is such a blessing to be a missionary and teach by the spirit and help others find the true happiness the gospel brings. When I got to Scotia, I was excited for the mission experience, but I didn't realize how much I would come to love the people here and the wards. I'm excited at the thought of being transferred for the fact that I will get to experience something new, but I know I will miss Scotia once I leave. The call comes this Saturday. I have come to know that as you serve people, you truly begin to love them. It is such a blessing to have the gospel and share it with people.  As a missionary, I've learned a valuable lesson. As we teach people, we can only invite. We can't force them to do anything. We know how much we love the gospel, and sometimes we want to force it on others. But they always have their choice. As a missionary, my role is to explain carefully the facts of the gospel and help them make the correct choice by inviting them to live the gospel. I don't need anything right now. This week's weather was interesting.It rained harder and longer than I have ever seen it growing up in the West. It didn't stop raining for probably more than 3 to 5 hours for 3 days here. But because of that, it is really green. Also got to have Duck for dinner with the Schenectady Brooksby's this week, and it was very good.  This week in Preach My Gospel, I studied chapter 13. It is amazing how true it is. Members are a missionaries greatest resource, and as the missionaries and members work together, great things happen. Love you mom. Hope you all have a great week.

First off, sorry it's a day late, but Thank you so much for everything you do. Happy Father's Day!!! You are the best Dad a guy could ask for, and I'm so grateful for your example and kindness. Thank you for all the game updates as well. It was very hard one day when Elder Koyle and I were tracting. We walked up to the home, and I could see the game on the TV. It was very hard to ignore. Send me pictures if you get to see the cup again!!! Hope everything is going well. I love you so much Dad. Take care and have a great week. 

Sorry, I totally forgot to tell you about the exchange this week with Elder Lords. Haha, that's my 3rd time going on exchange with him. It was awesome. When we reviewed the exchange, he told me how he thought I did really well of teaching people, not lessons. So it was really good. It's so important to teach to people's needs. They don't care how much you know, till they know how much you care. Can't believe I got to go on exchange with him again though. He's been a zone leader here since I got here, so we have both been here a long time. Haha. Take care everyone!!!

Hey, so I forgot to tell you guys about a powerful insight I learned this week from a fellow missionary in my district Elder Tidd. He shared John 15:16 and shared a powerful insight. He talked about how his Dad went on a mission and had no baptisms, so how could his "fruit" remain. He then said that the fruit isn't the converts, that's the Lord's fruit. Our fruit is the change we have within ourselves, the Christlike attributes we develop on our mission that need to remain with us the rest of our lives. I thought that was an awesome and powerful insight.

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