Monday, June 9, 2014


Downtown Schenectady during the warm time of the year!!! And the Mohawk River again.  (Will check with Elder Richins on the Mohawk River pic because I think it looks like a road...not a

Love the Green of Ny

The celestial kingdom on exchange with Elder Lords!!!! 
(It's a really nice apartment)

Wow time just gets quicker and quicker. This week was great.. I don't know if you and the family have had time to study the new teaching method I sent in the Package yet, but the first part of this letter is referring to a lesson we had with the "1st cornerstone experience." It was so awesome, and I would encourage you and the family to study "How to Teach Preach My Gospel" if you haven't had the opportunity yet. Anyways, we picked up this investigator named Quan. He was in our records as a potential for over a year when Elder Koyle and I finally managed to teach him last week. We went in not too sure how it was going to go, because we had scheduled a few appointments prior to the one we had last week that he didn't show up for. But he was there last week and it went great. After we taught him, we had him pray and had the moment off silence. When he broke the silence, he said that after his prayer he "truly felt at peace for a moment." I then promised him that that peace was the spirit, and he would feel it more if he got baptized and confirmed. We then asked him if he would be baptized, and he said yes.  When we asked him why, he said he wasn't sure, it just felt like the right thing to do. It was so awesome. He asked for a restoration pamphlet for his fiance when we said we were going to head out. It is so crucial that the people we teach feel the spirit and have those spiritual experiences. Now I just hope that Quan continues to have those experiences as we keep meeting with him. Saw another interesting miracle this week. You know how our front door has the glass door in addition to the main door? Well, Elder Koyle and I were trying less-actives and potentials in Rotterdam this week, and we came up to a house with just the glass door closed. There was a huge German Shepherd at the door. I was cautious going up, but the dog reared up and opened the door. Thankfully the owner grabbed the dog's collar just in time. Haha. Don't worry about me though, I am completely fine. We also had dinner with the Lee family yesterday, and they invited the Smith's over as well. The Lee's are from Thailand, so we had Thai food. It was so good. We had Green Curry, egg rolls, and some other dishes. But it was good. We also talked about mission's alot, since we were there and Sam Smith is going on his mission to Argentina in August. Brother Smith and Brother Lee talked a lot about China and Thailand, since they have both been in that area. Brother Smith told me an interesting fact that blew my mind. He said they went to a church conference in China with the prophet and two apostles. At the time the church had just barely gotten started, and there were like 400 people there. Brother Smith then said that one of the apostles said one day every person in that room represented a mission president for a mission in China. So that was really cool. That would double the amount of missions the church has today. So now for all the questions. The next transfer day is June 25th, and I think I'll go to a new area since 5 transfers is such a long time. It's kind of bittersweet. I'm excited for a change, but I know I will miss Scotia so much!!! Elder Johnson in not back to NY yet. I emailed him last week and got a reply, so I might find out more today. Hannah Dauignault, the person Elder Johnson and I taught that was baptized, gave us those pajamas for Christmas. Elder Johnson cooked us the steak. We did crack the coconut, but I didn't really like the milk. Elder Koyle's toes are blistered, and I think that's an old abandoned barn. It's right in Scotia, so it might be a house now. love you Mom. Hope you and all the family have a fantastic week.


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