Monday, June 2, 2014

Bunnies and Birds!

Baby Rabbits at the Smith's house

There are a lot of Cardinals around here, and they're really pretty and have a sweet call. It sounds kind of like a laser gun.

Glad that Dad loved his hat. I was hoping it would be a good gift for him. I'll send you the pictures that Sister Smith said she was going to send you. She said she would send it last week, but maybe she forgot or something. This week was ok. We've had to drop a lot of investigators recently, because they aren't keeping any commitments at all. So we have been focusing a lot on finding. It's cool how nice the people are here in New York though. Even though it's hard when talking to them on the street or on the porch to let them have us back sometime because they "already have a religion" I can't tell you how many times my companion and I have been complimented for the fact that we've given up 2 years to preach the gospel. They often express their respect for us and think what we do is awesome. And it is. We visited Marlene in the hospital this week (She had back surgery) and it was really funny. Marlene acts tough even though she is really a sweetheart, but she didn't act like herself at all at the hospital. She was on oxycontin. She's doing really well and wants to go to the temple. That's amazing because when she started meeting with us and coming back to church after a 30 year absence, she said she would never get to the temple because of all the rules. Haha. But now she has a desire to go. It's truly amazing how much the gospel can change lives, and what a blessing it is for me to be an instrument in the Lord's hands in helping people become converted to the gospel. One thing that I really like in PMG is in the finding chapter. It has a whole section called the importance of members. And that is so true. Members the greatest resources we have as full-time missionaries to find people to teach, because investigators who were introduced to the missionaries by their friends already have a support system. I've come to learn that that is so true. Both Hannah and Whiteny have close friends in the church that they knew well before the missionaries ever met them. I hope you and the family are doing all you can to help the missionaries back home. It's also a great way for members to feel the spirit. It's cool to hear members tell me that they love the spirit Elder Koyle and I carry.  I'm grateful to be a missionary, and I'm so grateful for my privilege to share this gospel with the people here in New York. It's a great time to be a missionary. The weather is warming up here The leaves are out in full bloom on the trees, and there is so much green. It feels really hot here because of the humidity too. I've been out on days were it's been 80 degrees and sweating more than I ever did back home. The cold and the warm really get to you. Glad you got that note from Ben. He's in Orlando now, and I'll probably talk to him today. Elder Tidd, Elder Summers, Elder Koyle and I also got to have pizza this week with Elder Rymer. He went home before I came out, but he was back for a visit and this was his last area, so we had lunch with him and their family. It was fun!! What was awesome is that before I even knew he was back, the tye I put on that day was his tie that he gave to Elder Johnson that Elder Johnson then gave to me. Haha. So that was funny. Love you so much Mom, and hope you and Dad have a great week.


Hey Mom. Sorry I forgot to tell you about another cool thing that happened this week. We got an investigator who I didn't think would ever progress. He won't read the Book of Mormon or pray about it. But we gave him a church tour, and he came to church. And after church, he said he would probably come back!! It was cool to see how much church can help us feel the spirit and open hearts.  I'm telling you, he was totally different and much more interested after he came. Love you all and hope you have a great week.

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