Monday, June 30, 2014

Amish in Schoharie Area!

This past week has been good. Tuesday was my goodbye tour, where I got to go visit the members and people I taught during my time here. That was bittersweet. I was excited about going to a new area, but I wasn't excited to leave the people I had come to love in Scotia. I definitely hope I will be able to visit NY again after my mission. That would be sweet. Wednesday was my last day in Scotia, and then off to Schoharie. Schoharie is sweet and very different from Scotia. Scotia was like back home when it comes to the business and how many people are there. Schoharie is like living in Fairview or Mt. Pleasant. The ward here has pretty good attendance. Less than Glenville ward, but more than Schoharie. It was also kind of weird to not have 2 wards you are working in. We email from the church. Elder Thompson is sweet. He is from Colville, Washington, and grew up on a farm with 400 acres of land. He's really funny. The apartment isn't quite as nice as Scotia, but it still has a dishwasher and a washer/dryer. I'll be sending home a lot of pics today from both my goodbye tour in Scotia and a few days here in Schoharie. We have a few investigators and less-actives we work with, but there is a lot more finding in this area than the last. Elder Thompson said that we get fewer lessons here, but they are usually more meaningful. In the city you get a lot of people who are lonely and just want to talk and aren't truly interested in the gospel. I'll write more next week after I learn the area a lot more. Schoharie is in the Albany Stake, so I'm still in the same zone, so I might not get to go to every zone in the mission. Especially if I stay here as long as I did in Scotia. Although that probably isn't the case. Love you mom and hope you have a fantastic week. 

This week has been great. If you want to look up on google earth where I am at, my new address is 547 main St. Cobleskill, NY.  DO NOT mail to this address! My new companion Elder Thompson is boss. He's only been out a transfer (6 weeks) longer than I have, he is from Colville, Washington, and has a dry sense of humor. For example, when I asked him what type of shirts he has, he said "white ones." We get along pretty well. The Flood damage from 2011 is still here, and we do service every week repairing the damage the flood did. Schoharie is quite different from Scotia. Scotia was a very small geographical area with a lot of people, and Schoharie is a huge geographical location with not so many people. But I'm enjoying the area so far. Elder Thompson is a good guy, and I look forward to working with him. Scotia was like me living in Taylorsville or Murray (Not as nice though) with Schenectady being similar to Salt Lake City. Schoharie and Cobleskill remind me of Mt. Pleasant and Fairview. The town of Cobleskill has about 5,000 people. The members here are really cool though. We are going to do service at a farm (haying) tomorrow. So it will be like working at the barn all over again. Well, I'll ask about David letterman if I remember. Love you dad and have a great week.

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