Monday, June 2, 2014

6 Month Mark! :)

This week was great!!! I sent home a package today with the letters I've gotten, the new teaching method, my SD card, and Dad's belated birthday gift. I'm still looking for Nicknick and everyone else. But I forgot to put a note for Dad. Tell him happy birthday. I love him and miss him so much, he's the best dad a guy could ask for. Now to the week. Since the sisters came back, our teaching pool (number of people we teach) went down quite a bit. So Elder Koyle and I got to do a lot of finding this week. But finding is an adventure in itself. You try to talk to people about the gospel, and you don't know what response you are going to get. Haha. Glad you guys enjoyed the cabin. I miss the good old times at the cabin. But the Albany Stake had a memorial day picnic at River Road park, so that was awesome. We got to play ultimate frisbee and just hang out with the members of the Stake. Hannah said it was weird to see me without a tie on. It was cool. I don't know if you got the email from Sister Smith, but we had dinner at the Smith family and we got to hold their baby bunnies. They breed them. They are so cute!! I'd send you pictures, but I forgot my camera this week. Haha. So life is going really well here. The work is really progressing. Elder Koyle and I have found a lot of potentials who we knocked on or talked to in the street who said we could come back and share a message with them. I've realized this week what a blessing it is to know the importance of family and how families can be together forever. Elder Koyle and I used the idea of eternal families and how the gospel can help our families with all the evils in the world today, and people were really receptive to that. Families are so important, and I'm so grateful for our family. It is crazy how fast time is flying though. Yesterday was the 6 month mark in the field. Time flies so quickly. I'll have to send home a few pictures next week via email. I got a cool one of a cardinal. They are really pretty, and very common here. Marlene, the less-active who's now come to church for 3 months, and I talked at the barbeque yesterday. Since she is pretty much active, Elder Koyle and I thought it would be good if we came every other week or even less, because her home teacher is great and visits her every other week as well. She liked the idea, then found out that I'm probably leaving in 5 weeks, so she wants us to come every week till I leave and she wants to stay in contact because I'm the one who "helped her come back." It is so cool to see how close you come to the people you serve. When I told her it was the spirit who helped her come back and not me, she threw her water on me, which was really funny and felt good since I was all sweaty from Ultimate. Elder Koyle and I also waxed our car yesterday, which wasn't fun at all. Elder Koyle put the wax on and I took it off. After he finished, he helped me at the end and said he liked putting it on a lot better. Haha. I also met Elder Rymer. He was a companion of Elder Johnson in Scotia.. He went home before I came out. What was funny is he gave Elder Johnson a posterity tie. So Elder Johnson gave it to me. And before I even knew Elder Rymer was in the area again, I put on his tie. So we laughed about that. Love you all so much. Hope you had a great memorial day and are still loving studying PMG. Take care and I'll talk to you all next week.


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