Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mother's Day

It was great to talk to you guys Yesterday!! And I'll always have time to email the family. This week has been great. Whitney Oliver's Baptism is this upcoming Saturday, so I'm way excited for that. We also found a few people tracting this week which was good too. So Transfers-I didn't go into detail yesterday. First thing is that a few more missionaries have gone home due to sickness, so even though we thought the Glenville Sisters would be coming back, they aren't yet, so Elder Koyle and I are staying together in Scotia and won't be working in the Schenectady ward at all, we just cover the whole Glenville ward and the Schenectady Elders will cover the whole Schenectady ward. So that's kind of new. So now we will be focusing our work in addition to Scotia, Schenectady (the part of Schenectady city that's in the Glenville ward boundaries) Glenville, and Rexford, we will also be working in Clifton Park, Waterford, Ballston Lake, Ballston Spa, and Charlton. We won't be working in Rotterdam anymore because that is Schenectady ward boundaries. Elder Koyle has been called to be the new District Leader. Elder Flaherty is leaving, which is weird because he was here when I got here. He will be going to Ithaca walk, right by Cornell. It's actually one of Elder Koyle's former areas. Elder Summers new companion will be one of Elder Koyle's former companion, Elder Tidd. We also have 2 other companionships in our district that weren't in it last transfer. Elder Stoddard and Pettit (Pettit is also one of Elder Koyle's former companions), and Elders Jeppsen and Hutchinson. Elder Jeppsen was in my MTC group, so it will be very cool to see him. Since the District Leader and his companion go on exchange with each set of Elders in their District, I'll be working with quite a few people in the next 6 weeks, and I'm excited for that. Everything is going great here. The leaves on the trees are great!! It's so green and beautiful here. We have a lot of investigators and less-actives we are working with right now. Unfortunately, all of our investigators other than Whitney aren't really progressing, but I'm sure we will be able to figure it out with the Lord's help. This truly is his work. I'm already at my 6 month mark, and I've been reflecting on the people I've worked with that have either been baptized or re-activated, and they were all prepared by the Lord. I was just lucky to be one of the Elder's there to help them start coming to church and becoming converted. The gospel truly does bless our lives so much. How's the study of Preach My Gospel going? I learn new things every week from Preach My Gospel. One thing that has stuck out to me is the Power and Authority of missionaries, and since every member is a missionary, everyone who is trying to share the gospel has that power. In Chapter 1 of Preach My Gospel under the Section "The Power and Authority of your calling" the list of bullet points shows us some of the evidence that the power and authority we have as we share the gospel is very real and is the power of God. I've seen it many times on my mission as I've talked with people how I have been able to say what I need to say to that person at that moment. I've also seen this power in Priesthood blessings. It is amazing how the spirit directs us. Whenever I talk to people about the gospel, the words just seem to come out. This truly is the Lord's work. I hope you guys are seeing missionary opportunities and are enjoying the presence of the spirit as you share the gospel with our brothers and sisters. I love you all so much. It was so great to see all your faces and the house Yesterday. Take care and have a great week.


Hope you all had a great time in Bicknell!!!

Oh I also loved the videos on Lds.org about moms for mother's day. They are great and show us how great our mom's are!! Love you Mom and hope you had a fanastic Mother's day. You're the best Mom a guy could ask for!!

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