Tuesday, May 13, 2014

5/5/14 Cardinals-Sweet Call

Thanks so much for the playoff update. So I can either call for an hour or call for half an hour and skype. Either one works. If I plan just on calling, it will probably be in the afternoon sometime. What Elder Koyle and I are planning on doing is having the member we will be skyping with call our parent's to set it up.  I hope that's ok. Thanks for the playoff update. We knocked on a door yesterday and he was too busy to talk right then because the Rangers-Penguins game was about to start. We asked if we could come back at a later time, and he said sure, after June. This week was crazy. Watching over all of Glenville and part of Schenectady is pretty awesome. We have a baptism coming up with Whitney Oliver. It will be either on the 10th or the 17th. She is so prepared. It was way cool because we taught the law of chastity with her with a member couple, Brian and Andrea Smith (The same Smith's that lent me their computer to skype home on Christmas). It was so great to have them there, they really helped put some aspects of the law of chastity into perspective. I love teaching with members. They help bring the spirit and as it states in PMG "often concerns are more social than doctrinal. For example, investigators might fear opposition from family members if they join the Church. Or they might fear rejection from their friends at work. Whatever the concern may be, your investigators may have past experiences or other influences that are part of the concern that you do not understand. In many cases, members may be able to help you understand and help with their concerns." Members are such a great resource. I love the members here in Glenville and Schenectady. It's crazy, because when I call I might be telling you I'm leaving someplace or not. I hope I stay one more transfer. We had another investigator, Anna Mary, come to church as well. Unfortunately she didn't like the 3 hours, even though we told her, so she only stayed for the first hour of the Glenville ward which is Sunday School, and then left. We have quite a few investigators now who agree with everything we say and teach them, but they don't do anything about it. It's kind of frustrating. But we have some more less-actives who are wanting to come back to church, and we picked up a family of investigators right in Scotia this week. Hopefully the work keeps progressing. I haven't taught this family yet, because Elder Koyle picked them up with Elder Summers while I was on exchange with Elder Flaherty in Schenectady. It was so cool, he told me that I've progressed so much since I've gotten here (he was here when I got here), and that he can see how much I've improved. And I've seen it too. I'm much more comfortable now talking to people on the street than I used to be. A few weeks ago I even tried a new approach by saying "here's a card for a website with free stuff." It was amormon.org card and you can order bibles, book of mormons, and other LDS literature for free on it, so I wasn't lying!! We also have this couple, Vinnie and Mishawn we are teaching, which is very interesting. Vinnie has an unbelievable knowledge of the Bible, and he see's a lot of contradictions between the Bible and Book of Mormon. He doesn't believe the bible isn't perfect. It was funny, I suggested to Elder Koyle we read 2 Nephi 29 with them, and Elder Koyle was like, "we already did." (He and Elder Summers did that on exchange). They won't pray about the Book of Mormon which is very sad because you have to pray about it to gain a testimony of it. But they are very nice people, and offered to have us over for dinner. We are also teaching a guy named Eddie who says he want's to be baptized, but doesn't seem too reliable. He's already lost the first 2 Book of Mormons we have given him. But he's a great guy and loves the Lord!!The leaves are starting to come out on the trees.And the trees are beautiful here. I will have to send you the SD card home soon. It's really warming up here to, but it rains a lot. Another fun fact is there are a lot of Cardinals around here, and there really pretty and have a sweet call. It sounds kind of like a laser gun. I got one to call back to me the other day, which was fun. Anyways, love you all and I'll talk to you this Sunday!!! Have a great time in Bicknell!!


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