Monday, April 14, 2014

It is Finally Warming Up!

That is so crazy that you and Nate are going to start Murray Hockey already. I hope you are eager to do that. Remember to always work hard. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard. That can be applied to anything in life- hockey, school, careers, and missionary work!! Glad you got to see Ben. He will be a great missionary. Glad you are having fun with hockey and lacrosse. Have a great week Mike. Love you.

        The weather is great here. It has warmed up and now I usually only were a white shirt, no jacket or coat anymore. I thought that would never happen. Something you don't know, well, here in NY they have something called Stewart's Ice Cream. Stewart's is a gas station chain (like 7-11) out here. And it is probably the best store bought ice cream I have ever had. Peanut Butter Pandomonium, Black Raspberry, Cookies N Cream. And it is so delicious for store bought cartons. I would definitely recommend it if you come up here ever. Sounds like some great games. I miss hockey, but I love my mission so much. I will just suck when I get home. Love you little brother. Take care and I'll talk to you next week.

That sounds fun. Why was spring break fun?? What did you do? Was it warm or cold outside?? Did you have lots of homework?? My week was great. We picked up 3 new investigators, and we had 4 less actives at church yesterday. I love missionary work, especially since it is warming up. There are a lot of birds in New York. I've seen quite a few bluejays and cardinals. Love you little brother. Have a great week.

What a week it has been. Unfortunately, Janet dropped us. She had a dream where a figure told her "joining the church would require her to change." She knows she needs to go to church, so she has pretty much been re-activated into her old faith...A few days after we set her with a date.  But she is still going to read the Book of Mormon, so I bet she will be baptized someday. Elder Koyle and I have a new challenge ahead of us. Sister Jensen (the new sister being trained by Sister Johnson) had to go home for surgery. And Sister Johnson will serve the rest of the transfer somewhere else. So Elder Koyle and I are taking over their area for the next 5 weeks, in addition to working in our area. So we are going to be super busy. Even though Janet dropped us, we picked up 3 new investigators this week, one is a man named Eddie who wants to be baptized "as soon as possible." We've only met with him once and set a date with him for June 7th. Hopefully as we continue to meet with him we will be able to work towards that goal. Glad to hear Ben is excited to serve. Things were hot yesterday. Only 70 degrees, but very humid. I'm only wearing my shirt now with no jacket whatsoever, which is great.  Elder Koyle and I are great friends, and we are excited to watch over the entire Glenville ward, which is one of the biggest wards in the mission. We are being fed well, and I am grateful for all the blessings I have seen on my mission so far. For my haircut, I do use different sizes on the clippers. What sizes did you use when you cut my hair back home?  I think the Preach My Gospel Idea is excellent, especially for those who are preparing to serve missions. Preach My Gospel has helped me understand the scriptures better, and what I need to do as a missionary.  Don't worry, I'm always having enough email, and enough to do. I love my mission and how it has changed my life. I've learned to work hard, you are always busy. I think the idea for Sarah's art is great!! Love you mom, and have a great week. 

Union College is right in my area. I have walked right around the campus at least 10 times, and driven there much more. There has been quite an excitement about the game. I actually talked to some students at Homeward Bound the other day while doing service there who were going to the game live. Since they were college girls, I naturally got a hard time from the other Elders when I finished, even though it was only about hockey. There was a Banner over a bridge saying "Go Union" and the Schenectady Elders are teaching someone at Union who was at the College for the game. There was a huge riot there apparently. Some cops got pepper sprayed or something, and there were 5 arrests. I told Elder Koyle we should have gone to the viewing party for the game at the College's Rink, handed out some pass along cards and other finding materials to the students, and watched the game on the big screen.We didn't, but it was very cool to hear about them winning. Especially since Union is such a smaller college compared to BC and Minnesota. It has been a great. Go Tampa and Avs and Rangers. This week has been great. Hopefully the work keeps going well. Hope you have a great week dad. Love you.

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