Monday, April 28, 2014

Jumpin Jacks

 Elder Koyle and I went to Jumpin Jacks!!!!

We camped out at the empty Sister's apartment in Clifton Park!! 

This is camping out?!
This week has been great. It sounds like you and Nick had a lot of fun at the cabin. And as for my 6 month mark, it doesn't feel close to that long. I'm still in my first area!! The weather is warming up, and Elder Koyle now loves tennis, and we will probably be playing that almost every preparation day if time permits. Oh I forgot to tell mom, but as for being neighbors again with Amber, I guess you can say that. Glad the Wings are out. Who's already moved on to the 2nd round then, other than Montreal. And did Ben Bishop play, or was it Lindback. Haha, the good old days at the cabin and mario karting. We will have to play a lot when I get home before I go to college, Every night!! Haha. Maybe I'll be able to keep up with you even though I will be extremely lucky because of how rusty I must be getting. I can't wait to talk to you all too on Mother's Day, although that is really weird because I get 4 calls home while I'm out, and I'm already getting my 2nd one. Haha. Weather is great here. We also bought a bunch of Stewart's Ice Cream today since today was the beginning of the week were every flavor is on sale. They have this week long sale 4 times a year. I will be sure to call Mom's cell. Hope you enjoy time in Bicknell!!! Have a great week Love you.

This week was awesome!!! It's been warming up here like no other, and the leaves are starting to bud. I've learned that when Joseph Smith really went and prayed in 1820, the trees weren't as lush and green as they are usually depicted. But it is starting to warm up. We had stake conference this week and it was awesome. Hannah Daignault, the one Elder Johnson and I taught and baptized when I first got here, gave a talk for stake conference on how the gospel changed her life. It was so great to hear. It's amazing to see how much the gospel really blesses us. I've taken many things for granted because I have grown up always being active in the church, and being out here I've been able to see how much I have truly been blessed. Those fond memories...haha. I wonder if I will be able to keep up with dad on Mariokart when I get home? We have a baptism scheduled for Whitney. She was taught only twice by the sisters before they had to leave and Elder Koyle and I took over the area. We've taught her a few times, and she is so solid. Like Hannah, she is golden. She already gave up smoking and drinking before she ever met with us, so when we taught the word of wisdom the other day, she readily accepted it. I don't know if I already told you guys, but our mission is using a new teaching method called "how to teach Preach My Gospel". This teaching method was developed and published by the Church Missionary department, and I've been able to see how it helps me as a missionary become more rooted in Preach My Gospel. I have an extra copy of this method, and I could send it home if you would like. It doesn't take away from Preach My Gospel, but helps us become more powerful teachers. It also focuses a lot on helping the people we teach have spiritual experiences rather than us just teaching and telling what's in the manual. This new method includes us meeting with the investigator every other day, but lessons are shorter, 30 minutes or less. It allows them to have a constant influence of the spirit. So rather than having missionaries over once or twice a week to teach an entire lesson, we visit every other day for 30 minutes focusing on principles. It's really awesome. The 1st lesson is focused completely on the 1st vision and helping them gain a testimony about it.  I've had some really cool experiences with the new method already. We have an investigator named Dave who we have been teaching since I got here, but he never seems to progress. But we started over with this new method, and he felt the spirit. There is no denying that!! It was awesome. Marlene, the less-active, is quite interesting. She acts rough and said she wouldn't come to stake conference, but she did. It is such a great blessing to see how the gospel changes lives. Love Mom and hope you have a fantastic week!!! Oh and I learned this week in Preach My Gospel in chapter 10 of teaching skills under "Help people resolve their concerns." I love these last two paragraphs.

  Often concerns are more social than doctrinal. For example, investigators might fear opposition from family members if they join the Church. Or they might fear rejection from their friends at work. Whatever the concern may be, your investigators may have past experiences or other influences that are part of the concern that you do not understand. In many cases, members may be able to help you understand and help with their concerns.

How you approach an investigator’s concern will depend on the nature of that concern. Determine whether the concern has come up because the person does not have a spiritual confirmation of the truth of the Restoration or whether the person does not want to commit to living a true principle. Understanding the source of the problem in this way helps you know whether to focus on testimony or commitment.

It's so true that living this gospel is often a very hard and big change. So we have to be patient with people as they live they gospel. Love you mom and all of you at home. Hope you have a great week.


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