Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BUZZED My Own Hair...Other than the Sideburns, it Looks Great! haha

Our District Activity
For our District activity right before Sister Heggem goes home we went and had a family home evening which included a short lesson, games, and dinner with the Andrew family and some of their friends who aren't members!!

March 31 2014

This week has been great. So the clip on my shoulder strap on my shoulder bag broke, so I've been using a caribeaner to hold it up for now, but If you could send me the shoulder strap on my temple bag, that would be great, cause I don't usually have time to look to buy a new clip on preparation day since we are so busy. Anyways, I get to stay in Scotia with Elder Koyle, which is awesome. There are two changes in our district though. Sister Heggem is going home, which is crazy to think she has already been out 18 months and almost 5 for me, so Sister Johnson will be training. The other change...Elder Summers and Flaherty are staying together, but they are going to be in a trio with Elder Slaughter. So there's going to be 5 of us now instead of 4, which is crazy. This week was great. Marlene, one of the less-actives we are visiting, has now been at church the last 3 weeks in a row, and we are going to watch conference with her at her house on Saturday and have lunch. It touched my heart though Saturday, she called and said she wanted to bear her testimony. She started crying and said she didn't know if she would or not, but she told me that to her, Elder Koyle and I are "angels." What a blessing it is to be in the service of others. To see lives being touched by my service, has made my mission already one of the greatest experiences of my life. We also picked up 4 new investigators this week. New investigators are interesting, because some are just interested to know more, not to change and be baptized, and others are, so hopefully these 4 new investigators will go well. It has been very nice these past few days. Up in the 40's and 50's. The snow is almost completely gone, and I can wear just a sweater or the outer jacket of the coat I got. I hope dad and sarah have a great time in Bicknell. This month of April will be very exciting, because not only is there general conference, but Hannah, my first baptism with Elder Johnson, will be going to the temple to do baptisms for the dead for the first time on the ward temple trip. She is doing very well. Still very active. Still in seminary. She was recently called as 2nd counselor in the Laurels presidency for the young women. Well, hopefully this week goes well like the last. I love you mom, and hope you have a great week. 

PS I missed you a lot last preparation day when I cut my hair for the 1st time and accidentally cut off my sideburns!!!

I am staying in Scotia for another 6 weeks with Elder Koyle. I'm glad I got to stay, but I think I might be ready for something new after this transfer. But when I do get transferred I want to switch zones. I want to try to hit every zone in my mission. I'm in the Albany zone right now, So I've got Utica, Syracuse, Oweago, and Potsdam zones left. It's almost spring here. It has been in the 40's and 50's the past few days, and the snow is almost completely gone. So the playoffs are coming up. Who's looking like the Stanley Cup Champion this year?? I assume Tampa and Colorado are still in. Since it has warmed up, hopefully I will be able to start playing tennis on preparation days since Elder Koyle and I as well as Elder Summers and Flaherty have Tennis rackets. Have a great week Dad. 

April 8 2014

Glad to hear you had a great time in Bicknell. Those days are truly a blessing. I've never thanked you or mom for the sacrifice you two have made for making such memorable family vacations an opportunity. Those traditions and memories are one of the things I miss and look forward to when I get home, and will cherish the vacations we have had together, both just me and one of the parents, and the whole family,a lifetime. I thank you and mom for the wonderful examples you have been to me. Scotia is doing well. We set a baptismal date this last week with Janet Kolner for May 17th. Hopefully, we can help her through the rest of the lessons and resolve any concerns she may have in the upcoming weeks. Tampa against the Rangers huh? That would be unbelievable. Good to know Tampa is still in the Playoffs though. I assume Bishop is still the main goalie. Love you Dad, and I hope you have a great week. 
Love, Ty.

I got my shoulder bag from the missionary store in Murray, and "Liahona is the brand of the bag." But if there's just an extra shoulder strap on my temple bag or something like that, you could send that and I could just switch it out. I am ok on contacts, and I'm learning to cut my hair. I bought my own hair clippers, and it saves so much money. And other than the sideburns, it looked great, and I won't make that mistake next time. As for conference, it was wonderful. Spiritually, either the priesthood session or the Sunday morning session were the best. I loved Elder Bednar's talk and President Monson's talk of the Sunday morning session. I also liked the talk about the woman jumping out of the Semi truck, as it reminded me how important how we talk to and treat each other really is. I also had a very funny experience at Marlene Witt's house when we watched the Saturday morning session with her and one of her home teachers, a priest named Cameron Mairs.  Marlene is a less-active lady in the Glenville ward we have been working with the past 3 or 4 weeks, and she has come to church the past 3 weeks as well. We watched the conference, and just before President Eyring got up, she said "You two told me if I watched conference I would get some inspiration, and it ain't happening." As you know, the first thing President Eyring said when he got up was "Some of you may be watching this conference because the missionaries invited you to." Elder Koyle, Cameron, and I burst out laughing. Marlene couldn't believe it.But not only was it very comical, because after the conclusion of President Eyrings talk, Marlene said she felt as if he was speaking to her. So it was also a great testimony builder that God does speak to each of us through his servants here on the earth. Things are going great here in Scotia. We set Janet, the investigator interested in Native American culture, with a baptismal date last Tuesday for May 17th. Hopefully, we will be able to help her reach that goal. We still have to teach the lessons that investigators seem to have a harder time with, like the Word of Wisdom, The Law of Chastity, Tithing, and etc,. But this week was great. The work is going great here. I love my mission. Soon the leaves will come out on the Trees, and I will be able to see what everyone means when they say 'how green everything is." I love you mom. Have a great week. 

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